10 burning questions fans have for season 2

Content Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the Showtime series Yellowjackets as well as discussions about cannibalism, drugs, suicide and animal cruelty.

Showtime’s amazing finale Yellowjackets has left fans wondering exactly where the series will go from there. The thrilling drama series ended up answering some vital questions while raising even more before the end of the thrilling final episode.

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From the identity of the man in Jackie’s dream to the motivation of the group behind Natalie’s kidnapping, the series has a lot of unresolved stories to continue in its second season. Meanwhile, fans can only speculate on some of the most crucial questions after the show’s finale.


Where’s Javi Martinez?

Shauna Javi Yellowjackets

One of the more disappointing parts of the finale is that despite having intelligent characters like Misty and Tai in the desert, no one seems to be too worried about Javi’s disappearance. Only Nat and Travis are out in the woods looking for him as the rest of the girls rest comfortably in the cabin.

Last time fans see Javi is during the disastrous Doomcoming night where he is left alone and high on mushrooms. It is very possible that the bear may have come to him, which would explain why it is so docile in front of Lottie.

Who is Pit Girl?

yellowjackets season 2

The identity of the running girl in the first episode of the show is still a big issue among fans who have christened her “pit girl” on Reddit and Twitter. Some were convinced she could be Jackie, but viewers now know it’s impossible because of the events of the finale.

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The identity of this character is important to the story because it is the first and so far last time viewers actually see cannibalism in the series. With the sequence happening over the winter, there’s a good chance that season 2 can finally reveal who she is.

Who is the man in Jackie Taylor’s vision?

Yellowjackets corpse in the attic

When Jackie’s death was finally confirmed on screen, the consequences of her vision for the supernatural direction the show could take prompted fans to discuss whether her dying dream was just that or a hint of something paranormal.

The creepy man in the sequence may be the dead guy in the attic, but he could also be coach Martinez. Either way, it raises questions about what he’s doing there with Laura Lee and the rest of the girls. Do they welcome Jackie to the afterlife? Is it some kind of middle ground that Van mentions, and if so, why is the whole team (including the survivors) there?

Who is the eyeless man that Taissa Turner keeps seeing?

A man without eyes in the mirror of the Yellowjackets.

Aside from the creepy man in Jackie’s vision, fans may remember an even more shocking character who appears to only appear in front of Taissa. The man without eyes is first seen in a mirror by a young Taissa and her dying grandmother, but reappears when she holds a press conference in front of her house.

The mysterious character has apparently not influenced the events of the series yet, but there is nothing to say exactly what he can do in the future, or why he even occasionally appears in Taissa’s life in the first place. Can he be responsible for some of the worst things that have happened in Yellowjackets?

Did Taissa Turner deliberately sacrifice biscuits?

A shrine with the head of Biscuits, an eyeless doll and a heart in the Yellowjackets.

One of the most disturbing scenes in the finale takes place in a hidden room in Taissa’s house. Simone boldly follows a trail of blood only to discover a terrifying scene featuring Biscuit’s severed head, Sammy’s eyeless doll and what looks like a human heart (it could be Adam’s).

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Throughout the first season, Taissa claims that she is not aware of what “the bad guy” is doing, even though she seems to be sure that her sleepwalkers themselves are capable of some horrible things. Could she really have been completely out of it while building the terrifying shrine, though? Or did she deliberately sacrifice Biscuit and the other things to win the election?

Who kidnapped Natalie Scatorccio?

The future of one of the most likeable characters in Yellowjackets does not look so bright after the final. After almost following in Travis’ footsteps, Natalie’s suicide attempt is interrupted by a group of strangers wearing necklaces with a familiar symbol on them.

The symbol is first seen on the postcards Jeff used to blackmail the group and on a tree in the desert. It appears to be the logo of the potential cult built around the Yellowjackets themselves, but that does not answer why they have gone after Natalie and what they plan to do about her.

Is Lottie Matthews alive?

Yellowjackets season 1 finale explained

Lottie has quickly become one of the best characters on Yellowjackets, largely thanks to her growing role as an interpreter and leader in the supernatural aspect of the show. A voicemail from Nat’s ex-sponsor, Suzie, suggests that Lottie may still be alive and may be the leader of the dangerous group or cult responsible for abducting Natalie.

That said, it is entirely possible that the cult may involve completely different people who just honor Lottie’s legacy. However, it looks more like Lottie is in charge, as an article in Variety confirms that there have already been casting discussions about who should play her adult counterpart.

Who is Antler Queen?

Antler Queen sits next to two masked characters in the Yellowjackets.

Since the start of the season, fans have been debating and debating the possible identity of “Antler Queen” or AQ. She is the mysterious leader who carries antlers in the first episode and who seems to strike shots in the group.

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Now that Jackie is dead, fantasy theories that point to her being AQ have been disproved. The next likely candidate is Lottie, as the series has hinted at this possibility more than once – first with her vision of a deer trapping antlers and then during a scene where she stares at the cabin wall full of antlers. However, it is possible that someone like Nat or Tai could also take on this role.

What’s going on with Shauna’s baby?

Yellowjackets Shauna confronts Jackie

No one today seems to be talking about the fate of Shauna’s baby, so it’s unclear exactly what happened to the infant. It’s probably not Callie, as the timeline would not match.

If she successfully gives birth to a healthy baby in the desert, then what happens to the infant? Would the series get dark enough to kill an innocent child? Or has the baby grown up and is alive somewhere away from adult Shauna? It’s also interesting to think about how Jeff probably knows about the child, given how he has reviewed Shauna’s medical records.

Why was Travis murdered?

Travis looks at Natalie in the Yellowjackets.

It’s almost certain that Travis did not commit suicide, especially after what Suzie revealed about his death in the finale. The adult around his deathbed certainly suggests ugly play, possibly by the same group that kidnapped Natalie.

However, it is not clear why he was murdered. He seemed to live a relatively quiet life away from everyone and work at a regular job. Could he have revealed something about the shady cult or threatened to reveal information about their time in the desert? Fans will have to wait and see exactly why Travis was targeted and who is responsible for his death.

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