10 most powerful villains by Moon Knight

The MCUs Knights of the Moon trailer revealed that the show will use one of the superhero’s most obscure villains in Arthur Harrow, played by Ethan Hawke. But other villains will also appear, such as Midnight Man, which will be played by the late Gaspard Ulliel. Several could potentially also show up, including some of the most powerful villains from Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

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Moon Knights villains range from horror-themed characters like Werewolf By Night to very human ones like Arthur Harrow. Some of them are dark versions of himself, including from realities other than Earth-616, potentially creating a lot of possibilities for Moon Knight stories in the MCU while the franchise explores the multiverse.

10 Arthur Harrow

Arthur Harrow is experimenting with someone in Marvel Comics.

Ethan Hawke plays Arthur Harrow in MCU, and it’s unclear what his powers will be if he wants any. In Marvel Comics, he has no superpowers, but is still a significant threat. Harrow was an ingenious scientist who experimented on humans to create a formula to end all human pain.

He generated a lot of pain in his experiments, which Moon Knight put a stop to in his miniseries from 1985. In MCU, Harrow seems to be a kind of cult leader, so it is possible that he will have a completely different background in live-action .

9 The Committee

The committee is planning against Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

The Committee is a shadowy organization that Moon Knight originally worked for in his first appearance in Marvel Comics, Werewolf By Night # 32 in 1975. They are a consortium of human businessmen and leaders seeking to impose their will on the world.

Moon Knight eventually turned against them as he learned the truth about Werewolf By Night, but the committee remained powerful with its wealth and influence. They could be active in the MCU, and could even be associated with secret characters like The Contessa, who could appear in a number of places in the MCU, including Knights of the Moon.


8 Midnight

Midnight Man fights Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

Midnight Man is one of the Moon Knights’ earliest villains to appear in Knights of the Moon # 3 in 1981. He has no superpowers, but is a master thief and logistics expert who breaks into museums and other secure facilities to steal valuable art and objects.

He is also a skilled hand-to-hand combatant who is able to withstand the Moon Knight in their early encounters. He will likely try to steal from the London Museum Moon Knight works in the upcoming MCU streaming series.

7 Bushman

Moon Knight's enemy Raoul Bushman

Bushman is one of the Moon Knights’ most deadly villains and one of the best martial arts artists in the Marvel universe. He has no superpowers, but is a highly trained soldier and mercenary with unmatched skills in a variety of fighting styles and types of weapons.

Bushman hired Marc Spector as a mercenary early in his career to fight a guerrilla war in Sudan. However, Spector became angry at Bushman’s violent tendencies, leading to major conflicts between those who escalated after Spector became Moon Knight.

6 Scarlet stained glass

Stained Glass Scarlet attacks Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

Stained Glass Scarlet is one of the Moon Knights most exciting villains. She has no superpowers, but is an expert martial arts artist and trained in a variety of weapons. Her most unique power seems to be a psychic connection to Moon Knight, which has no explanation.

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She is able to communicate with him telepathically as well as influence him in his waking thoughts and dreams. The vigilante and assassin first appeared in Knights of the Moon # 14 when Marc Spector tried to stop her from chasing and murdering criminals.

5 Midnight

Midnight striker Moon Knight in Marvel Comics.

Midnight is a human man named Jeffery Wilde augmented with cyborg implants that give him a range of powers and abilities, including rocket-powered feet, extendable arms, superpower, and the power to fire laser beams.

He also has in-depth knowledge of Moon Knight and his practice due to the fact that he was actually trained by Marc Spector. Spector’s protégé was killed by the shadowy Secret Empire, which played a role in some of the best Captain America comic book editions of the 1970s.

4 Zodiac sign

Defenders fight Zodiac in Marvel Comics.

The Zodiac is a group of astrological supervillains with a variety of powers. Moon Knight faced the second iteration of the group, all of which were androids with advanced intelligence and powers based on their original living counterparts.

Moon Knight fought against them as a powerful member of the defenders and fought against villains like Taurus who had retractable rams, Virgo who could drain the energy of others, and Libra who could become intangible and also fly.

3 Werewolf By Night

Jack Russell is capable of transforming into a werewolf and, while in this state, has superhuman strength, speed, endurance, durability, agility and reflexes. He is also extremely difficult to wound or kill, only vulnerable to silver objects that Moon Knight attacked him with in their first encounter.

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Werewolf By Night is the first character Moon Knight ever fought in the Marvel Comics, and although they eventually came to an understanding, they initially seemed like a villain to Marc Spector. Werewolf By Night is also coming to MCU and will likely cross roads with Moon Knight.

2 Shadow Knights

Shadow Knight Attack in Marvel Comics.

Shadow Knight is one of Moon Knight’s most powerful villains and one of the most personal. He’s Randall Spector, Marc’s younger brother. He has most of the Moon Knight’s powers, including improved strength and agility, and can also fire energy explosions from his eyes.

Similarly, the rivalry between Spider-Man and Venom is very personal because of their close connection, the same goes for Moon Knight and Shadow Knight. Shadow Knight is easily a villain who could appear in the MCU at some point.

1 Moon shadow

Moon Knight battles Moon Shade in Marvel Comics.

Moon Shade appeared from Infinity War crossover event in the early 90s, an evil double of the Moon Knight who absorbed the power and vitality of the Moon Knights in a variety of dimensions and universes. He also tried to absorb Franklin Richard’s life.

Moon Shade’s power to travel through the multiverse and steal other people’s lives makes him the most powerful Moon Knight villain and a likely villain to appear in the MCU as he continues to explore the multiverse in future movies and streaming series.

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