10 Strongest DC Heroes Who Can’t Beat Ultron, Ranked

There are very few Marvel villains that are more deadly than Ultron. Ultron was created by Avenger Hank Pym and has one goal, and that is the complete destruction of all organic life on Earth. To do this, Ultron has turned him into a killing machine – he is enormously strong, armed with several weapons and has an almost indestructible adamantium shell.

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Ultron is a challenge for the most powerful Marvel heroes, but how different would things be for Ultron in the DC Universe? DC is home to some of the strongest heroes in comics, but even the Justice League would fight to beat Ultron forever.

10 Zatanna is powerful but vulnerable

Zatanna is one of the leading magic users in the DC Universe. She has accomplished some amazing things with her powers, and although she is better known for facing magical threats, her time as a member of the Justice League saw that she faced all sorts of enemies. She has previously fought against androids, but none like Ultron.

The problem is that Zatanna is powerful, but she is still a human being. It would take something to do for her magic to affect Ultron, and by the time it did, he would have already killed her with an energy explosion. Zatanna could not withstand more than one attack from Ultron, which becomes a problem.

9 Raven would not be able to hurt Ultron until he came to her

Raven emerges from hell

Raven is one of the most powerful members of the Teen Titans. She has made a big difference in their fights over the years, but she is not unstoppable. There have been plenty of enemies out there who have been able to defeat her, and as good as she is, she’s never met anyone like Ultron before. Unfortunately for Raven, he has faced Scarlet Witch and survived.

As usual, it’s all about getting through his adamantium shell before he can take Raven down, and that’s just not possible for her. She would give anything, but she there is no way that Raven on his own would have a chance against Ultron.

8 Starfire would try to fight him head to head and lose

Starfire has some great powers. Her star eruptions are formidable, she can fly, and she is super strong and durable. On top of all that, she’s an extremely well-trained warrior. She is used to going face to face with her enemies, which would be a huge problem against Ultron. Starfire would try to rush him, which would end very badly for her.

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Starfire would be a great help against Ultron in a team situation, but has no chance in itself. She is not strong enough to hurt him, and her starburst cannot penetrate his outer shell. Starfire’s war spirit would work against her as she does not have what it takes to hang out with Ultron for long.

7 Donna Troy would fall for Ultron

Donna Troy from Prime Earth

Donna Troy was the first Wonder Girl and she has more than lived up to the name. She is strong, fast and durable, while at the same time being a well-trained fighter. She’s not one to be joked with, but that’s not going to help her much against Ultron. Ultron has gone toe to toe with Thor. Donna is good, but she’s just not at that level of power.

Ultron would be able to shrug his shoulders from Donna’s offense, which would make all the difference for him. Although he probably is not that much stronger than Donna, Ultron’s combination of relentless attacks, impenetrable grenades and other weapons will give him the victory.

6 Conner Kent is too impulsive to beat Ultron

Conner Kent brought the Superboys cloak into the present. He’s a tough fighter, and even though he’s not as strong as Superman, he makes up for it with sheer perseverance. Conner is known for his bullish way of doing things. He just keeps attacking his opponent until they fall or he does. This is a problem against Ultron.

Although he is almost certainly stronger than Ultron, the android will scan him all the time they are fighting. This will give Ultron the information he needs to take Conner down, and he will benefit from it. Conner is good, but he’s not one to think things through. He will not be able to stop Ultron from exploiting his weaknesses.

5 Big Barda will hurt Ultron, but she will not be able to beat him

Big Barda is one of the strongest female furies and one of the most dangerous women in the multiverse. She is a strong, skilled fighter who faces some of the most fearsome creatures out there. She will not be intimidated by Ultron at all, and she is certainly stronger than him, especially with her Mega-Rod. Barda will definitely make an impression on Ultron.

The problem is that the impression is not going to mean much. Big Barda will not be able to harm him in any way beyond superficial, and the whole time they are fighting, Ultron will work in a way to get her. It will take him a while, but Ultron ends up winning.

4 Orion’s warlike tendencies will be his downfall

orion dc

Orion is one of the most potent New Gods, but that’s not going to help him much against Ultron. If Conner Kent is too impatient to win, Orion will certainly not win. Orion is much stronger than Ultron, but he is not known for his intelligence. It’s a problem against Ultron, as it takes much more than brutal force to beat him.

Orion is all raw strength. He is used to being able to throw himself at any enemy repeatedly until they fall down. That strategy will not work against Ultron. Ultron has previously faced violent gods, and they fall for him just as easily as any other creature.

3 Hal Jordan is not smart enough to take Ultron down

Hal Jordan is one of the biggest green lanterns in the universe and he should be able to defeat Ultron. His ring gives him a wide range of options, but the problem comes in that Hal just isn’t very smart. He will not try to do anything like attack Ultron from within; he will try to smash him as if he is any other android, which will not work.

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All the while, Ultron will be scanning the ring’s energy signature and figuring out how to counter its attack. Ultron is adaptable and his mind is extremely fast. When Hal realizes his mistakes, Ultron will take him down.

2 Martian Manhunter’s weakness is too easy to exploit

Martian Manhunter has a number of formidable powers, but he has a rather worldly weakness: fire. Ultron’s sensors are very good and he will quickly realize how vulnerable Martian Manhunter is to flames. Once he does, the fight is pretty much over. If Martian Manhunter did not have a weakness to fire, he would steam over Ultron. That vulnerability is going to mean the end for him in the fight. Martian Mahunter is a great hero, but Ultron is known for turning the weaknesses of his enemies into his strengths.

1 Wonder Woman does not have the right kind of powers to defeat Ultron

Wonder Woman Evolution

Wonder Woman is one of the toughest heroes in the DC Universe. On an equal footing, she can beat just about anyone and is one of the Justice League’s most important members. She has made the difference in many battles against the most powerful enemies. Wonder Woman is slightly stronger than Ultron and far more skilled, but she will not be able to harness her strengths.

Wonder Woman can beat Ultron, but she does not have the right kind of strength to get through Ultron’s shell. Eventually, Ultron’s attack will take their toll on her. She will hold on to him for a while, but she’s still going to lose.

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