10 subtle clues about the twist that ends in the sixth sense

Without a doubt, one of the most iconic film twists ever The sixth Sense. M. Night Shyamalan’s Ghost Story is a wonderful thriller for much of the playing time, but it ends with the shocking surprise that Malcolm (Bruce Willis) has been dead throughout the film and is one of the ghosts young Cole (Haley Joel Osment) sees.

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The revelation is one of those ingenious twists that immediately makes the viewer want to watch the movie again from the beginning to see if they can spot all the tracks. As it turns out, the film is full of hints to the truth about Malcolm, who, looking back on it now, spells the ending perfectly.

10 Malcolm is shot

Malcolm leans against a wall in The Sixth Sense

The film wastes no time in establishing its sinister tone, as the first scene finds a former patient of Malcolm breaking into his home and shooting Malcolm for not helping him. It may not seem very subtle for the film to include Malcolm’s death in the first few minutes, but it’s a testament to Shyamalan’s talents that he’s still capable of fooling everyone.

The film is a year later and it seems like the meeting was a life-changing moment for Malcolm, who puts him on the road to help Cole. In fact, it was the moment his life ended.

9 When Cole shares his secret

The moment Cole decides to trust Malcolm and tell him that his secret is an iconic scene that offers the unforgettable line: “I see dead people.” But right after Cole delivers the line, there is a close-up of Malcolm as he absorbs the information.

While it could be that Malcolm was worried about hearing that Cole was having the same problems as his troubled former patient, it could also be inferred that Cole is trying to tell Malcolm that he is dead and Malcolm is struggling to accept it.


8 The ghosts do not know they are dead

Cole and Malcolm The Sixth Sense

The idea of ​​a film in which the protagonist is dead for the whole story, only for him and the audience to learn the truth in the last moments, seems impossible to achieve. Shyamalan, however, was able to establish rules that made sense, covered the twist and yet did not tip the audience.

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When Cole explains to Malcolm that he sees dead people, he tells him that these ghosts are not aware that they are dead. In hindsight, this should have been a big clue as it established the possibility that one of the characters was dead.

7 Malcolm can not open the door

Another rule that Cole establishes is that the dead people see the world as they want to see it, specifically by remembering how things were when they were alive. This revelation answers one of the minor mysteries presented in the film.

Several times through The sixth Sense, Malcolm is seen trying to open a locked door in his house but is unable to find the key. But when he realizes he’s dead, he sees that the door is not locked, but rather locked by a desk, which Malcolm did not notice because it was not there when he was alive.

6 Cole helps Malcolm

Once Malcolm believes Cole’s claims that he can see dead people, Malcolm suggests that the ghosts might be attracted to Cole so he can help them and thus be left alone. Given the fact that it’s Malcolm who helps Cole throughout the film, there was not really any reason for fans to be suspicious of this fact.

But just before the revelation at the end, Cole Malcolm gives some intelligent advice on how he can get in touch with his wife again. It is the help of Cole that leads Malcolm to realize the truth.

5 No one else is interacting with Malcolm

Once again, the fact that he is only ever recognized by one other character would apparently make viewers suspect that Malcolm was in fact a ghost. But Shyamalan was able to stage these scenes in a way that seemed relatively normal.

Malcolm is seen alone with Cole’s mother as well as with her when he talks to a doctor, but none of the characters other than Cole talk to him or even acknowledge that he is there at all.

4 Malcolm’s marital problems

Malcolm sees his wife sleeping in The Sixth Sense

When the film is not focused on Malcolm and Cole’s relationship with each other, it takes a look at their own troubled relationships at home. Just as Cole is struggling to connect with his mother, Malcolm’s wife has apparently become cold to him.

While the film makes it appear that it is due to Malcolm’s obsession with work, she acts distant from him because he is no longer alive. From the time she ignores Malcolm until she gets close to another man, it becomes clear that she is not an unloving wife, but a grieving widow.

3 Restaurant scenes

One of the most ingenious scenes to look back on is the restaurant scene between Malcolm and his wife. Once again, Shyamalan is able to present it in a way that feels natural at first sight, but becomes extremely obvious once the truth has been revealed.

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Malcolm shows up late for dinner and his wife refuses to talk to him and grabs the check before he is able to. As he tries to explain himself, she unfortunately whispers “Congratulations on the anniversary” before leaving. The scene does so much by realizing that she is the only one at the table.

2 Malcolm is wearing the same clothes he died in

Bruce Willis in the sixth sense

While certain costumes in movies stand out, Malcolm’s clothes are in The sixth Sense are very ordinary and modest, which was clearly the intention. Because after seeing Malcolm in a blue shirt the night he is shot, he is never seen out of that shirt.

He wears coats and various other layers to make it less obvious, but that shirt is always part of his ensemble. In the last moments, it is revealed that the shirt is stained with blood from when he was shot, which reveals why he never removes it.

1 Malcolm’s wedding ring

The end of the sixth sense

The revelation at the end of the film begins with Malcolm’s wife dropping his wedding ring on the ground as he realizes he is not wearing it. While this moment spells it out, it was actually a track that was planted throughout the film.

Malcolm is not seen wearing his wedding ring in the film at all, while his wife is seen with hers. Although they have problems in the marriage, it seems that it is she who is withdrawing from him, so it does not make sense that she would wear the ring. The reason he does not have his is, of course, that she has stuck to it since his death.

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