10 Things Tony Stark Would Be Doing If He Were Still Alive

As the basis of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tony Stark would have been a welcome presence in Phase Four of the famous franchise. With 27 MCU films, many TV series, and nearly fifteen years in action, the MCU certainly does not seem to be slowing down.

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Unfortunately, in the final battle for Earth, Tony is forced to sacrifice himself to finally dispatch the threat of Thanos. Iron Man’s absence has left a big hole in the MCU. If he were still alive, Tony would certainly have a lot of things on his agenda, both as a superhero and as a person.

10 He’d Be Spending Time With His Family

Following Avengers: Infinity War, Tony retires from life as a superhero and marries Pepper. Together, they have a daughter, Morgan. The existence of his family is what makes Tony hesitate before deciding to go through with the risky time travel plan.

If he had survived the battle with Thanos, the first thing on Tony’s to-do list would undoubtedly be spending time with his family. Pepper said it the best when she said Tony deserved to rest. However, that rest did not have to be permanent and could have been spent by Pepper’s side, raising Morgan together.

9 He’d Be Getting Long-Term Medical Attention

Assuming Tony had survived Avengers: Endgame, the confrontation with Thanos would have still left him with medical problems. If he survived using the Gauntlet, he may have even lost his hand. He would have certainly needed long-term medical attention. Another important point, which is not tackled enough in the MCU, is that he may have wanted to see a therapist. Tony suffers from a lot of trauma because of his experiences, and the closest thing he gets to therapy is confessing to Bruce Banner (who falls asleep).

After Avengers: Endgame, Tony finally finds a form of closure with his father and his worst enemy, but the trauma would not necessarily go away. He would likely benefit from some mental health support, someone who can help him cope with his past and the weight of his responsibilities. Tony may be Iron Man, but he’s still human.

8 He Would Be Mentoring Peter Parker


Peter Parker is one of the most important figures in Tony’s life. In the wake of Tony’s death, Peter certainly does not have an easy time, and Tony may have inadvertently worsened the situation. Trusting Peter’s judgment, he gave Peter control over the powerful AI EDITH, which ultimately lands the young superhero within the view of Quentin Beck.

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As events spiral, Peter’s identity as Spider-Man is revealed to the world. Peter’s last solution to his predicament, turning to Doctor Strange for aid, is a huge failure. As of Spider-Man: No Way Home, everyone Peter loves is either dead or has forgotten he exists. If Tony had been alive, none of these tragic events would have come to pass, and Tony would still be mentoring Peter.

7 He May Have Helped Harley Keener Achieve His Potential

Harley Keener and Tony formed a real bond in Iron Man 3, and Harley was present at Tony’s funeral. If Tony had survived, he may have included Harley more in his life and supported him.

As a child, Harley proved to be resourceful and intelligent. He had a lot of potential as a character, though it mostly went to waste. Tony may have made sure that did not happen. Perhaps Harley would have had a more important role in the MCU’s future.

6 He’d Be Studying The Implications Of The Multiverse

Loki Sacred Timeline Branching

The Multiverse has become even more important for the MCU since No Way Homebut the concept was already on the table after Endgame. After Tony’s time travel invention, he may have been tempted to study the Multiverse further.

Tony might have realized that their interventions in the various time branches could have unexpected ripples, as was the case of Loki who escaped captivity and challenged the TVA. Captain America’s decision to live out his days in the past may have also intrigued Tony and could have encouraged him to look into the topic deeper.

5 He May Have Been Interested In Investigating The Ten Rings

Because of the structure of the MCU, Tony dies before he can actually face his true iconic nemesis, the Mandarin. While he does go up against Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3the actual Mandarin only appears in Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings. Xu Wenwu was killed in the final confrontation with the Dweller-in-Darkness, so a confrontation with Iron Man was never needed.

The Ten Rings, both as an organization and as a weapon, remain an issue. Bruce Banner is known to have looked into their origin and discussed it with Shang-Chi and Carol Danvers. Additionally, Shang-Chi’s sister, Xialing, takes over her father’s empire, which had distant connections with the terrorist group that kidnapped Tony in Afghanistan. Tony would certainly be interested in investigating.

4 He’d Be Looking Into The Existence Of White Vision

White Vision In WandaVision

The events of WandaVision threw a wrench into things for many people. While Wanda’s outburst of chaos magic primarily affected the citizens of Westview, her actions had other ripples. The creation of White Vision is particularly relevant to the future of the MCU and may have been important to Tony Stark.

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Interestingly enough, White Vision appeared to be powered by a form of the arc reactor. While he did not come to life until Wanda’s chaos magic was used, Tony’s technology seemed to be involved. Considering that Tony was involved with the creation of the original Vision, Tony may want to look into the existence of this version of the android, or perhaps even help him overcome his SWORD mental programming.

3 He’d Be Working To Help The People Displaced By The Blip

The Flag-Smashers With Their Masks

The Blip brings back half the universe, but it does not fix every problem. The Blip actually creates more issues. With the return of Thanos’ former victims, many people are displaced from their homes. The refugees aren’t always treated well by politicians, who attempt to hasten things along with the less-than-ideal Patch Act.

This leads to the rise of the Flag Smashers, a terrorist organization that wants to return the world to the way it was before the Blip. While Captain America’s rousing speeches do make a difference, Tony’s inventions, intelligence, and financial support would have been far better. He would be providing an actual solution to help the people displaced by the Blip, much like he always did after incidents related to the Avengers.

2 He’d Continue Developing More Armor And Technology

Even after his official retirement, Tony never gave up on the Iron Man technology. He was Iron Man until the end of his days, and he would have continued on the same path he had survived. The most likely next step, after recovering from his injuries, could have involved creating new armors.

Not all of them would have been for him – Harley, Peter, and maybe Morgan would be involved. He may also want to look into more technology for War Machine and continue searching for a better solution to help James Rhodes after his injury in Captain America: Civil War.

1 He May Decide To Work With Another Team Or Recruit More Avengers

Marvel's Illuminati

After Endgame, the Avengers seem to have mostly set aside their differences. However, Tony was aware at the beginning of Endgame that their team was not enough, as evidenced by his argument with Steve. He also knows that, on his own, he can not be a deterrent for a cosmic threat. Considering the disaster with Thanos, Tony would want to be more prepared for future threats. These preparations would go beyond his armors.

He may want to pursue recruiting more Avengers, create another team, or work with a pre-existing team. Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness will apparently be introducing the Illuminati, and Tony would likely be very interested in a team keeping the Multiverse safe.

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