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10 Wild Facts You Never Knew About Cal Kestis From Fallen Order

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has become a popular game among Star wars fans, and all eyes are on the upcoming sequel, which unfortunately will not be announced until 2022, according to EA. Meanwhile, players have plenty of reason to be recognized with Cal Kestis by playing the first game while brushing up on their lightsaber combat techniques with some of the more difficult difficulty levels.

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This Jedi Padawan-turned-knight is one of the most unique characters to emerge in Star wars universe, and there is room to tell even more stories about him. This character has lots of facts to keep generating content for Star wars cannon with spinoff material, and of course the distant successor.

Updated August 19, 2021 by Derek Draven: It seems that EA has made it clear that there will be no successor to the well-received Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order announced until 2022, which means fans of the original will have to wait a little longer to continue the story of the main character Cal Kestis. This character has become very popular among Star Warss fans in a remarkably short period of time, thanks to a combination of interesting facts that make up who he is. If the story continues, it’s undoubtedly that Cal will become a regular favorite of franchise fans, especially if he can build on his adventures in the first Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order title.

10 He is young

Split image of Cal as a young Padawan and a young Jedi knight in Star Wars

Cal was only 12 years old during the cleanup, putting him at about 17 in the game. Historically, very few Padawans become Jedi knights before the age of 20, but Cal’s relationships are very different from those of the Jedi who lived in the pre-imperial days. As such, he had to grow fast and learn the ways of power even faster.

Thanks to Cere and Cal’s hard efforts to retrieve the Jedi Holocron, his name joins the list of young Jedi Knights, but where his legacy goes from here remains to be seen. Due to his understated nature, he can never join the most powerful Jedi Padawans in Star wars history, but that does not make him any less important.

9 He uses psychometry

Cal is uniquely gifted in the Force as he uses psychometry similar to a Force Echo. This ability allows the user to touch objects and learn information about people or situations associated with that object from a distant past. As such, Cal can experience the echoes of events that took place and gather clues like a detective.

This is a rare ability that is first acquired at birth. Most Jedi do not possess it and have to rely on the strength of insight and guidance, especially when it comes to seeing the past. For them, it may be difficult, but for Cal, it’s like being there at the moment.

8 He was separated from the 13th Battalion

The 13th Battalion participated in a battle aboard a ship in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

The 13th Battalion was a unit that fought in Clone Wars led by Cal’s late Jedi Master, the powerful Jaro Tapal. It participated in the Bracca campaign, a battle for an important strategic republic planet, and the battalion was stationed on Venator-class Star Destroyer Albedo Brave.

Cal was just a Padawan during this time, but he still served as part of this battalion along with his Jedi Master, while continuing his Jedi training. In retrospect, this wartime schedule probably prepared him better for the disaster on the horizon than most students his age.

7 He feels guilty for the death of his master

Jedi Master Jaro comforts a worried Cal Kestis in Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Cal was very young when order 66 was initiated. During the game, he relives this dreaded day and quickly discovers that Jaro had given his life to save a terrible Cal from execution. The bond between both him and his Master was strong, and losing him in such a brutal and sudden way without warning was devastating.

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Cal blames himself for this tragic event and is haunted by memories. Jaro’s death, however, is not in vain, as it put young Cal on a path that would ultimately reveal a series of astonishing secrets that involved the force and his role in the larger battle against the dark side.

6 He was part of the Scrapper Guild

After order 66 and the death of his master, Cal went into hiding. When he fled to Bracca, he hid his identity as a Jedi Padawan and became a rigger for the guild. It was here that he honed several skills, but the most important was to stay alive and remain undiscovered by imperial eyes.

As rigs, Cal was expected to salvage wreckage on starships in hard-to-reach places. Ironically, this skill would end up being his regret when he was put in a position that caused him to use the Force to save a close friend from death and reluctantly attracted the attention of the terrifying and deadly Imperial Inquisitors.

5 He’s a true Jedi

Cal certainly earned his place as a Jedi Knight. Not only did he risk his life for a friend, but he has repeatedly shown compassion for others and risked his life to protect Force-sensitive children he has never met. When he faced challenges such as Facing his guilt, Cal acted with maturity and a level head.

When he finally acquired the Jedi Holocron, he decided it was best that it be destroyed, and let the force determine the fate of the Force-sensitive children. Few Jedi as young and inexperienced as Cal would have made the same choice, but he did what even some wise old masters fail to do – trust the strength.

4 He is talented with a lightsaber

Cal had a single-bladed lightsaber throughout his training before switching to a double-blade, which he was able to switch between in the game. As the game progresses, so does his abilities with the weapon. Players can use these multiple fighting styles to their advantage and switch between them on the go.

In the end, Cal is not only able to switch between the knives, but he even uses the Jar’Kai method, which uses two lights during combat. In addition, he gets access to a wealth of alternative and unique lightsaber colors, in addition to standard blue and green. This is a particularly stressful and risky lightsaber style to use and requires dedication, concentration and the ability to let the force control its actions.

3 He is a skilled mechanic

Cal continually proved his mechanical intellect by tinkering with his lightsaber and repairing BD-1. All the time spent on Bracca undoubtedly helped him acquire a wealth of technological expertise, which he had later used well during his galactic travels.

He was able to construct a new lightsaber from the broken and battered parts of Jaros ‘and Ceres’ lightsaber. He even made use of his broken cyber crystal on Ilum, which is particularly difficult. Cal also repaired BD-1’s comlink, giving him easier access to “shortcuts” and more upgrades.

2 He could have been someone else

According to an interview with Game Informer, the game’s creative director Stig Asmussen said that it was a matter of making Cal a either a stranger or a female character. Cal’s last iteration was chosen because the creators wanted to avoid creating a Force rival to Rey from the Disney sequel trilogy.

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As cool as it would have been to see another main character on screen, Cal has quickly become a fan favorite for many reasons. He is sympathetic and heroic, but down to earth and humble. He knows his limitations, he draws on his strengths, and he is a role model for other Jedi, despite his age.

1 He has a special bond with BD-1

BD-1 was Eno Cordova’s droid companion. He learned many things that involved sensitive information about the Jedi Order, and when Cordova realized they were in danger, he blocked BD-1’s memories until the droid met a credible one. He would later find a new champion in Cal.

When Cal remembered his training, BD-1 helped unlock his memories. It took Cal’s cyber crystal to break on Ilum for him to finally lose hope, but BD-1 was there to restore it and thereby join the ranks of Star wars droids that have managed to save the day. Since then, the two have become best friends, and fans will be happy to see the little droid return in a sequel.

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