10 Worst Things Baron Mordo Has Done In The Comics

With the release of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in May, the ever-capable Doctor Strange will face his most gargantuan threat. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has embarked on a saga of the multiverse that includes shows like Loki & What If …?, as well as the film Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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However, if marketing is anything to go by, cinemagoers have only seen the start of the Shenanigans Strange will have to confront in his second solo outing. A harsh reality of being the Sorcerer Supreme is the accumulation of enemies, such as Baron Karl Mordo, who is portrayed by actor Chiwetel Ejiofor. Set to be a thorn in Stephen’s side this time around, Mordo has considerable precedent for this in the source material. The comics depict various instances of Mordo committing heinous acts to accomplish his own ends, painting him as a particularly prideful counter to Strange.

10 Mordo Poisons The Ancient One

baron mordo poisons the ancient one

Mordo begins his comics existence in Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s Strange Tales # 111 with a plot to take out the Ancient One. Taking possession of an assistant by way of astral projection, Mordo poisons the Ancient One’s food and attempts to interrogate the mystic. Mordo threatens him with the slow, excruciating death brought on by the poison, but is interrupted by his persistent rival: Doctor Strange’s astral form. A brief scuffle ensues but is resolved when the selfless Strange gives up his power to the Ancient One and scares Mordo into returning to his own body. The assistant is consequently returned to normal and the Ancient One saved, though his near-death at the hands of a pupil certainly impacts his selection of students in the future.

9 Mordo Steals Strange’s Body

baron mordo steals strange's body

A sinister act perpetrated by Mordo comes about in Lee and Ditko’s Strange Tales # 121. Strange’s rival steals his body after the Sorcerer Supreme is tricked into investigating a fake crime via astral projection. The story takes a macabre turn when Strange confronts Mordo at a wax museum, where the former’s body is on display.

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Taking possession of a nearby wax figure, Strange battles with Mordo and manages to tie him up. When the villain takes astral form, Strange finally ends the conflict by entrapping Mordo in a spell that renders him incapable of returning to his body. A proper end for an unconscionably violative plot, Mordo is left to watch as Strange returns to his body and places the former’s on display in its place.

8 Mordo Kidnaps The Ancient One

baron mordo shows doctor strange the kidnapped ancient one

The Ancient One finds himself at the mercy of a vengeful Mordo once again while the villain simultaneously pursues Strange. Shown in Lee and Ditko’s Strange Tales # 125, the Sorcerer Supreme combs the globe in search of his mentor and eventually finds him in some Aztec ruins. Mordo is apprehended following a magical duel; however, the far reaches of the rogue’s influence are introduced to readers during this conflict. With the devotion of his henchmen and the resources to keep such a valuable target from a powerful sorcerer, Mordo demonstrates his preoccupation with trumping the Ancient One, Strange, and any perceived threat to his monopoly on magic with a number of dastardly schemes.

7 Mordo Defies The Ancient One And Summons Dormammu

baron mordo and dormammu

By the time of Lee and Ditko’s Strange Tales # 130-137, Mordo is a full-on villainous force bent on mystical domination. However, he’s elevated by the assistance he gives to the malicious dimensional entity known as Dormammu. Inspiring the cinematic foe glimpsed in 2016’s Doctor StrangeDormammu seeks to enter Earth and sends Mordo to attack the Ancient One, whose magic is keeping the villain at bay.

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Mordo is opposed by Strange but communicates to all evil magic users that the latter is wanted. This leads to many duels between the two rivals in various locations, including Hong Kong, New York, and the Dark Dimension. Ultimately, Strange is once again able to defeat Mordo … temporarily. The villain is hungry to gain Dormammu’s favor and has one last-ditch scheme to try.

6 Mordo Holds Clea And The Ancient One Captive In The Dark Dimension

baron mordo and dormammu holding prisoners

Foiled again by Stephen Strange, Baron Mordo attempts another plot to incite his rival into further combat. Lee and Ditko return to the magical realm in Strange Tales # 138, where Dormammu’s patience is running thin with his disciple’s ineptitude. However, he allows Mordo one last scheme: the latter kidnaps Clea and the unconscious body of the Ancient One and brings them to the Dark Dimension. He keeps them there before (once again) losing in a duel with Strange. This time, Dormammu does not allow Mordo another opportunity and proceeds to defeat Strange himself. Mordo’s consistent record of using those around him for his own ascent remains a character trait in nearly every iteration.

5 Mordo Attacks Strange In The Back During A Duel With Dormammu

baron mordo attacks strange while dueling with dormammu

Following his failure to defeat Strange countless times, Mordo is relegated to the role of the onlooker as Dormammu duels Strange personally in Lee and Ditko’s Strange Tales # 140-141. Despite his demotion, Mordo remains faithful to his new master and watches closely for any perceivable advantage Strange may gain.

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The duel is evenly matched for a time before the Sorcerer Supreme begins gaining the upper hand. The fight isn’t over but Dormammu’s minion proves antsy and perhaps too devout: he blasts Strange in the back after reasoning that his master would promptly lose. Ironically, this angers Dormammu further and Mordo is subsequently banished.

4 Mordo Betrays The Circle Sinister And Strange

baron mordo betraying doctor strange with the circle sinister

After the defeat of the extradimensional Zom, many captives are freed from their magical prisons and join forces to form the Circle Sinister. Doctor Strange catches wind of this group in Roy Thomas, Marie Severin, Jim Lawrence, and Dan Adkins’ Strange Tales # 159-162; he proceeds to track them down and duel with their leader. It is not until Strange comes out on top that the leader reveals himself to be Baron Mordo, freed from his banishment at the hands of Dormammu. Surprisingly, the two end up working as a team to find the fragments of the evil mystical essence. Of course, Mordo betrays Strange and his fellow mystics once he’s empowered with said essence. He’s able to banish Strange, but the Sorcerer Supreme eventually finds his way back to return the favor.

3 Mordo Destroys The World With His Madness

baron mordo destroying the world with madness

Mordo suffers a descent into insanity upon witnessing the rebuilding of the universe. It’s in the midst of this disharmony of mind that Steven Englehart and Gene Colan’s Doctor Strange # 10 picks up. Mordo resides at the Sanctum Sanctorum as Strange probes his mind for the cause of his madness. It turns out that Mordo is infected by Nightmare and that sickness spreads across the world in issue # 12 once Mordo regains his mind and invades. The world promptly begins destroying itself as a result of this affliction. Mordo takes power and hunts Strange within this new paradigm.

2 Mordo Sacrifices Innocents To The Chaos Demon

baron mordo sacrificing people

Mordo employs another in a story told first in Chris Claremont and Don Perlin’s Man-Thing # 4 and continued in Claremont and Gene Colan’s Doctor Strange # 41. Baron Mordo promises Man-Thing a new start in a new universe in exchange for the creature’s assistance in killing Strange.

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Man-Thing nearly succeeds by drowning the Sorcerer Supreme whilst Mordo rounds up thirteen innocent people for a ritual sacrifice to the Chaos Demon. Mordo almost sees this plan through to the end but is thwarted by the creature he believed his pawn: Man-Thing, who is convinced of the Baron’s inevitable treachery by Jennifer Kale (another major magic-user).

1 Mordo Kills Morgana Blessing’s Cat

baron mordo attacks strange and morgana blessing

Arguably his most atrocious deed, Mordo again fuels his fury for Doctor Strange at the expense of Morgana Blessing, a companion of the Sorcerer Supreme. Told in Roger Stern and Marshall Rogers’ Doctor Strange # 49, this story depicts an attack by Mordo on Strange and Blessing at the latter’s apartment. A mystical battle ends with Mordo apparently victorious; however, Strange soon possesses Blessing’s cat to continue fighting his foe. Strange defeats Mordo with a mighty spell and returns to his own body seemingly pleased with himself, as any hero would be. However, the ending reveals a twist: Blessing’s cat is dead, having been replaced by Mordo who seeks to exact his revenge on Strange by sneaking into the Sanctum. The mere mention of violence to an animal is enough to fuel a legion of Doctor Stranges against Mordo, and rightfully so! After all, that’s what makes Mordo such a menacing villain. He’s willing to do unspeakable acts if it means his spell is cast over everyone.

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