19 best deals on Black Friday fitness, home gymnastics and outdoor (2021)

Garmin Forerunner 245 music


KING, Moosejaw, Bagland

Senior associate review editor Adrienne So considers the Garmin Forerunner series to be the best smartwatches for runners in her guide to the best fitness trackers. The Forerunner 245 HR has built-in GPS to track your runs, and the battery lasts for up to seven days.

Goal, Amazon

Garmin’s relatively new Venu Sq passed the long reigning champion – Fitbit Versa – as our top-level recommended fitness tracker in the $ 200 market share. It received an 8/10 and received a WIRED Recommends award for its rich feature list, including incident detection, sleep tracking and blood oxygen monitoring.

Bicycles and bicycle accessories

Cycling can be gear-intensive, especially if you use your machine as a commuter or errand runner. See our guides to the best bike locks, best bike accessories and best electric bikes.

Propella 7-speed (V4) electric bike

Photo: Propella

Propella shop

Propella is my favorite budget ebike of all the ones I have tested at WIRED. The components are quality, the bike weighs a slim 37 pounds – it’s light for an ebike – and its appearance does not scream “ebike”. Associate Review Editor Parker Hall awarded it an 8/10 and a WIRED Recommends award in its review of the very similar V3.2 model last year.

Wing Ebike Shop

I gave the more expensive Freedom X model a 7/10 in my review for its great looks, stronger than typical acceleration and low weight of 39 pounds. Freedom 2 has all those things, but without the so-so torque sensor and integrated LCD screen. They are both good models, but between the two I recommend you save $ 200 and go for Freedom 2.

KING, Nutcase

The Street is a sharp-looking helmet for those who do not want to look like a weekend racer. Many of Nutcase’s helmets now come with MIPS (multi-directional impact system). It is a liner inside the helmet that allows some rotation to absorb energy and reduce the risk of rotational brain damage. Nutcase Vio is also $ 120 ($ 30 discount). It has 360 degree LED light coverage for you who do not have (or want) to mount bicycle lights and taillights.

Arkel has a complete selection of bags that can be mounted on bag holders, from the portable commuter to the grocery buyer. All of them use Arkel’s excellent fastening system that prevents the bag from moving and flopping around during walks. These Canadian-made bags are expensive, so take advantage of this rare sale.

Camping and hiking offers

Check out our wide selection of hiking and camping guides, such as all the equipment you need to start hiking, the best campers, the best tents and a gift guide for the outdoors.

Solo stove bonfire

Photo: REI

Bed Bath & Beyond

Towering pieces of wood on a campfire is a lot of fun, but finding a lot of dry wood requires a serious time commitment. The solo stove requires less firewood than an open fire and burns more completely, and it lets fewer sparks go astray, which is an important consideration if you need to set it up in a backyard or a wildfire campground. Associate Reviewer Parker Hall fell in love with the larger Yukon model.

Bagland, Moosejaw

Container stoves may have the market depending on ease of use, but liquid fuel white gas stoves like WhisperLite offer the greatest versatility, especially internationally, where isobutane containers are less accessible. WhisperLite is a quieter (but not super quiet) version of MSR’s venerable, reliable camp oven.


Titanium is both a faithful and, due to its often high price, a punchline in the hiking environment. For about $ 50, however, this deal on MSR’s Titan Kettle brings lightweight cooking equipment within the reach of slightly cheaper (but heavier) steel. The Titan Kettle is a little bit thicker and more rugged than its (also amazing) competitors Evernew and Toaks.


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