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20 celebrities shared why they do not have children

“I do not want a child and have it raised by a nanny, and I do not have time to raise a child.”


Dolly Parton

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

For Dolly, this does not necessarily mean that she should have children and grandchildren in her life, that she herself should be a mother. In an interview with Folk Land, she said, “I grew up in a large old family with eight children younger than me, and several of my brothers and sisters came to live with me early in my life. I have loved their children, just as they are my grandchildren, and now I have great-grandchildren! … I often think it was just not my intention to have children so that everyone’s children can be mine. ”


Jennifer Aniston

Steve Granitz / WireImage

In an interview from 2014 with Lure, Jennifer addressed the criticism that she was too much of a workaholic to be a mother. “I do not like [the pressure] as people put on me, on women – that you have failed yourself as a woman because you have not shaped yourself. I do not think that is fair. You may not get a baby out of your vagina, but that does not mean you are not a mother – dogs, friends, friends’ children. “


Oprah Winfrey

Steve Jennings / Getty Images

In 2013, Oprah told Hollywood Reporter that she has no children, because if she had, they would “hate” her. “They would have ended up with the equivalent Oprah show to talk about me because something [in my life] would have had to suffer and it probably would have been them. ”


Miley cyrus

Jamie Squire / Getty Images

In an interview with She, Miley explained that her reason for not wanting children was largely environmental. “We have done the same with the earth as we do against women. We just take and take and expect it to keep producing. And it is exhausted. It can not produce. We are given a piece of shit-planet , and I refuse to hand it over to my child. Until I feel like my child would live on a land with fish in the water, I will not get another person to deal with it. “


Betty White

D Suppressed / FilmMagic / Getty Images

When asked in one CBS Sunday morning interview if she regretted not having children, Betty replied, “No, I’ve never regretted it. I’m so obsessed with things; I know that if I had ever gotten pregnant, of course, that would have been my whole focus. But “I chose not to have children because I’m focused on my career. And I’m just not thinking as compulsively as I am that I could handle both.”


Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images

When asked in one GQ interview if not having kids was strategic, Megan explained, “I never had a burning desire to have kids. But then I met Nick and I thought, This is the only person I would do this with. So we tried, but I was a little long in the tooth after that kind of thing. But we did not make it a soap opera. We tried for about a year or so and it did not happen and that meant it was not meant to be. “


Helen Mirren

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

Lady Helen Mirren had perhaps the best answer to being asked the ~ baby question ~ in an interview with British Vogue. “It was not my destiny. I kept thinking that it would be, and waiting for it to happen, but it never did, and I did not care what people thought … It was just boring old men [who would ask me]. And when they went, ‘What? No children? Well, you better go on with it, old girl, ‘I want to say’ no! Fuck off! ‘”


Chelsea Handler

Jason wash / FilmMagic

Chelsea do not have children for an incredibly valid reason: She just did not want them. In a conversation with Amanda de Cadenet she said: “I certainly do not want children, because I do not like them … I do not think I would be a good mother. I am a great aunt or like a mother’s friend. I do not want have a child and have it raised by a nanny, and I do not have time to raise a child. “


Tracee Ellis Ross

Kwaku Alston / ABC via Getty Images

In an interview from 2018 with the times, Tracee discussed how she asks herself whether she makes life decisions for herself or for other people. “The man and the babies are the expectation of what is going to happen at a certain point in time, and people fall back on, ‘Well, that’s the human nature, reproduction.’ And I say, ‘I think there are a lot of babies; isn’t that part of what goes wrong, are there too many?’ Some people could work to make the world a better place or just happy. “


Christopher Walken

Mike Pont / Getty Images

Explained Christopher to the guardian that his career probably would not have been possible if he had had children. “I’m sure many of the kids I knew as a kid would have continued in show business, but they had their own kids, had to do something reliable. I didn’t, so I could fend for myself during periods of unemployment. “


Alison Brie

Mike Pont / Getty Images

Alison told the times, “I do not really want children. It’s great because I do not worry about when I get pregnant – between seasons while we shoot the show [Glow] – I do not think about it every day. That would be nice, but I think about all the things that would be so stressful. I think about how much we are involved in our cats’ lives. Oh my God, if it was a child! “


Stevie Nicks

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

In an interview from 2002 with With style, Stevie explains how she viewed the election. “It’s like, do you want to be an artist and a writer, or a wife and a lover? With children, your focus changes. I do not want to go to PTA meetings.”


Sarah Silverman

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

In 2017, Sarah tweeted about how her career as a cartoon on the road made her choose between being a mother and living her life to the fullest. She explained that while choosing the latter, men do not have to make the same choice and she would love to be a fun dad “who comes home from the road and is [her] best father himself. “


Anjelica Huston

JB Lacroix / Getty Images

Anjelica explained Movie theater that her decision not to have children came to struggle with the idea of ​​balancing them and the life she was already living. She said: “There have been times when I wanted to have children and other times I have been grateful not to have them. I am messed up if I have to say goodbye to my dog ​​for more than five days. I do not know “I would deal with kissing my kids when I went to work. I know there are women who are capable of doing that. I do not know if I could.”


Aisha Tyler

Dave Kotinsky / Getty Images

Told Aisha HuffPost Live that choosing “work over family” was “a completely valid choice, and no one should ever feel embarrassed or regret it.” Aisha has also talked about her struggling with infertility earlier and why she decided to stop trying. ‘When we found out [getting pregnant] would be hard to impossible, it was really a choice to stop … I wanted families [and] couple knowing that it was a valid choice not to go on this crazy treat of IVF and tens of thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. ”


Winona Ryder

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

For Winona, having children in her life does not also mean being a mother. In 2014, she told telegraph, “This is a little personal, but I’m 42 and … Well, I talked to my dad last year and said, ‘What if I can not have a child?’ and he said, ‘There are other ways to have children in your life.’ “It’s true, and I get these amazing doses with my brother’s children. But I have to stop listening to other people. It’s crazy what women want to tell you.”


Lily Tomlin

Roy Rochlin / FilmMagic

Lily wanted to give one thing everything, and for her it meant having a career or having a child. In 2006, she told Metro Weekly, “God only knows what I would have done with them, poor thing. I really like children, but there would have been no room in my life to raise children. I was so involved in my career and I would have had to give up my career in large part because I could not possibly have changed the child. “


Ashley Judd

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

In her memories, Everything that is bitter and sweet, Ashley shared that she chose not to have children because she feels a responsibility to those who are already here. She explained: “I do not have to make ‘my own’ babies when there are so many orphans or abandoned children who need love, attention, time and care.” Rather, she says she focused her resources and energy on using “advocacy and service” in an effort to “transform the world into a place where no child should ever be born into poverty and abuse.”


Jennifer Lawrence

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

In an interview with E!, Jennifer Lawrence shared that as she got older, she felt less of a desire to have children. “When I was 21 or 22, I was like, ‘I can’t wait to be a mother. Now I’m like …[shocked face]. They actually get smaller and smaller as I get older, which starts to worry me. I do not think that is how it should work! “


Cameron Diaz

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images

When it was pointed out that Cameron did not have children in 2014 Esquire interviewed, she went on to explain, “It’s so much more work to have children. To have life beyond your own, for which you are responsible – I did not take it on. It made things easier for me. A baby – it’s all day, every day for 18 years … Not having a baby can really make things easier, but it does not make it an easy decision. I like protecting people, but I was never attracted to being a mom. “

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