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21 Easter Eggs in Taylor Swifts I Bet You Think About Me video

The wedding cake is so big because it is full of secrets!

You know Taylor Swift – the queen of country / pop / alternative music, number 13 and Easter eggs.

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Her new music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” – a vault track from Red (Taylor version) – fell today, and it is of course filled with more Easter eggs than the church’s front lawn on Easter day.

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It is also directed by Blake Lively, one of her close friends. Taylor named the character in her song “Betty” after Blake and Ryan Reynolds’ children.

Here are 21 Easter eggs from Taylor Swift’s music video “I Bet You Think About Me”:


Clearly, the color red (which is also the album title) represents Taylor, and it is reminiscent of a text from “Red”: “Loving him was red.”


The image of the red rose is very Alice in Wonderland, which was also mentioned in Too good short film.


All this rose image makes me think Red-æra fanteori at 1989 should be called Roses.


But it also calls back to this line from “The Lucky One”: “Chose the rose garden over Madison Square.”

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Taylor gives the bride the red scarf mentioned in “All Too Well” and makes an appearance in Too good (The short film).


Aaron Dessner, who worked with Taylor on Folklore, Evermore, and Red (Taylor’s version), making a cameo as part of the band.


Taylor wears the same ring that appears on Red (Taylor version) album cover.


A design similar to the ring is iced on the second floor of the wedding cake.


The red symbol alternates with this “love”, which mimics a Cathy Waterman ring that Taylor gifted to Olivia Rodrigo – a re-creation of the same ring that Taylor wore while writing the original Red album.


The top level is covered by numbers – Taylor’s signature 13 as well as 26.

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Perhaps the two tracks represent the “marriage” of Taylor’s older music with the new recordings.


However, we can not ignore the bottom layer, which is decorated with seagulls – the birds on Taylor’s shirt on the original 1989 cover over.


The cake smash returns to the “Blank Space” music video from 1989 era.


Additionally, fans are speculating that similarities she’s making on the cake may be related to a potential Ed Sheeran collaboration, as his latest album is called =.

taylor swift we know you’re doing a remix with ed sheeran, he and his team have not been subtle about it at all 😭

@shookswiftie / UMG / Via Twitter: @shookswiftie


While there seem to be many 1989 references in this video, the overall story feels like the “Speak Now” music video we never got.


As Taylor gives her speech, she stands in front of table 13.


These seagulls on the table look SO MUCH like the ones on the original 1989 cover over.


The scene where Taylor dances with the groom lights up blue because, as she sings in “Red,” “losing him was blue like I’ve never known.”


Then, as she leaves him, the lighting turns gray because “it was dark gray to miss him all alone.”


The actors who play the groom and the bride – Miles Teller and Keleigh Sperry Teller – are married in real life.


Taylor’s brother Austin was the producer.


And finally, at the end of the credits, Taylor refers to another Red number, “Starlight” – “do not you dream impossible things?”

Now it’s your turn! Did I miss some Easter eggs? What do you think of my theory 1989 (Taylor’s version) coming next time? Tell me in the comments!

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