5 actors who would make an amazing MCU Mephisto

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows ever larger, cartoon fans with restrained breath are waiting for their favorite heroes and villains to enter this movie empire. Among the characters that receive the most fan enthusiasm and constant theory formation stands a strong villain, the demon lord Mephisto.

Mephisto is Marvel’s Satan in all but name, the lord of almighty hell, who can often be found in dubious purchases with unsuspecting mortals. The character came to Marvel early, first as the biblical serpent in 1953, but more recognizably in full decor in a 1968 Silver surfer cartoon. His role is usually based on Faustian deals with superheroes and villains, including the contract that makes Johnny Blaze the Ghost Rider and the infamous One more day deal with Spider-Man. Mephisto has the potential to be a threat at the universe level, just like Thanos before him, but could also appear more sporadically to shake story lines with his powerful magic. The character has reached the big screen once before MCU, portrayed by Peter Fonda in 2007’s Ghost Rider. Before Agatha Harkness’ big unveiling in WandaVision, fans speculated strongly that Mephisto would be the hidden villain, and fans who guessed the devil’s involvement have been and will be an almost constant.


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The great English actor Charles Dance is without a doubt best known today for his role as Tywin Lannister in Game of Thrones, but his career is a story and powerful. Tywin alone sells the willpower, intimidation, and breathtaking cunning that dance is capable of producing in his performance. Dance began his career performing with Shakespeare in front of high-class crowds, including the lead role as the title character in Coriolanus.

The actor is set to enter the DC Universe for the first time in Netflix’s upcoming Sandman as the disgraced occultist Roderick Burgess. Mephisto needs a performer who seems accommodating yet scary, and Dance radiates that energy effortlessly. If MCU chooses to portray the character in the classic red skin and massive collar, or if they just put on an actor with a tasteful red suit, Dance would look perfect in the role in both ways.

byung-hun-lee Cropped

Korean superstar Lee Byung-Hun has starred in a number of fun roles and interesting projects. The actor recently made waves in an enigmatic role in the magnificent Netflix series Squid games, marks his perhaps most villainous performance to date. Before this year he has participated in GI Joe film franchise as the white-clad ninja Storm Shadow and as Billy Rocks in the 2016 remake of The magnificent seven.

Outside the United States, Lee has starred in some of the most dynamic and striking thrillers of the modern era, including I saw the Devil and A bittersweet life. Lee’s career is multifaceted and complex, marking him as an actor who works pretty much anywhere. He looks truly incredible no matter where he performs, and if he is cast as Mephisto, his style and masterful physical performance would be inspiring.

Perhaps best known as the enigmatic hotel guard Charon in John Wick franchise, Lance Reddick exerts an incredible voice and subtle delivery to enormous effect. Reddick gained fame as Cedric Daniels in the hugely popular HBO series The thread. Reddick was recently cast as the franchise supervillain Albert Wesker in the upcoming Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, a role very much in the spirit of Mephisto. The character must be a businessman as much as he is a demon, and Reddick has cut his teeth to play corrupt cops, political agents and secret functionaries, all of whom play against a fantastic performance in that role.

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This may seem like a strange choice, Danson is best known for multi-cam sitcoms and the almost aggressively healthy series The good place. Fans of that show will remember that Danson portrays a celestial figure in that series, and often changes moods and adjustments as the show’s revelations in multiple layers occur. What Danson would bring to the role of Mephisto is unassailable charisma; Danson could portray a demon that people would trust.

With Danson’s unique blend of optimistic energy and backhanded-smart, Mephisto was able to enjoy the benefit of hiding in the open for a large percentage of its screen time. Once the veil finally fell, it would give the actor a chance to work against the type and tense the muscles like a cruel villain who certainly performed excellently in both roles.


An almost obvious choice, Waltz became a household name after his appearance as the despicable Nazi Hans Landa in Quentin Tarantinos Inglourious Basterds. Since then, he worked with Tarantino again as a bounty hunter Dr. King Schultz i Django Unchained, participated as a hunting organizer in The most dangerous game, and portrayed the iconic Ernst Stavro Blofeld in two Bond films.

His villainous streak, strange charisma and surprising intensity make him a perfect choice for the lord of MCU’s Hell. Waltz could draw any version of the character; whether he is hidden in plain sight or adorned with the full cape and make-up, he would be a perfect choice for portraying Mephisto.

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