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5 Naruto characters who could take Thanos down (and 5 who can’t)

In the first three phases of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thanos was the big bad at the center of everything. At first he stayed in the shadows, but he became a huge threat and personally hit the MCU heroes on their own turf. If Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet existed in the world of Naruto, he would pose an equally great threat.

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However, there are quite a few Naruto characters that could give Thanos a good fight. Some of them would even be able to take him on while he had Infinity Stones.

10 Can: Kaguya is Naruto’s version of a god

Kaguya Sparkling shocked Naruto

Like Thanos, Kaguya is actually an extremely powerful creature from another planet. IN Naruto, she is essentially a god, as it is Kaguya who introduced chakra and shinobi abilities to the world. Without her, shinobi would be a completely different people.

As with Thanos, it takes a team of some of the most powerful people around to take her down. The difference is that Kaguya does not need the help of a glove full of magic stones to improve her abilities. Because of her skillful use of almost all forms of jutsu, she can withstand anything an infinite stone can throw at her.

9 Can not: Sakura has the strength, but not the strategy

Sakura, Naruto

Sakura spends years honing his shinobi skills to become the best medical nin in his community. Sakura’s commitment is commendable, like the chakra control that gives her a super strong blow. But none of these skills are going to give her an advantage over an enemy like Thanos.

MCU shows Thanos accepting other characters as strong as Sakura. Any potential opponent needs more than one solid blow to take him down. They should at least have a fighting strategy to get around his productive use of Infinity Stones or a way to prevent him from getting them to begin with.

8 Can: Naruto is the most powerful Shinobi

Naruto Uzumaki from Shippuden

It’s Naruto’s world. The rest of the shinobi just lives in it. It is clear from the moment he is able to use forbidden jutsu as a child when he can not even pass his academic exams. Naruto comes through under pressure – even if he does not fully understand the skills he uses.

He also has incredible chakra reserves so he can survive most opponents no matter what they throw at him. Even without his incredible range of shinobi skills, Naruto also has his signature “Talk no Jutsu” in his back pocket. It is rare that he fails when he speaks an enemy down. Naruto may possibly get to the root of Thanos’ problems and make him stop once and for all.

7 Can not: Hinata depends solely on her Byakugan

Hinata overcomes most of her insecurities to become a strong fighter. However, her strengths are not in violation as she relies almost exclusively on her Byakugan in confrontations. She is a much better tracker than fighter, making her a good teammate for a shinobi with stronger abilities.

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One good thing about trusting Byakugan is that her vision would mean she would see through any kind of distortion of reality that Thanos was trying to apply with Infinity Stones. However, that would not be enough for her to win.

6 Canned: Pain has many paths to victory

Pain that catches Naruto

The very nature of Pain’s abilities means he’s never really alone. Unlike the other shinobi, Paths Of Pain shares responsibility for attacks, each specializing in a different area. It allows Pain to control an entire shinobi village.

Pain also has very few problems assuming some of Konoha’s most powerful shinobi; he disposes of Jiraiya, and even Naruto is close to being beaten. What’s more, when pain comes to see Naruto’s point of view, he sacrifices himself and uses his own life to bring others back from the dead. That’s something Thanos would not be able to do.

5 Can not: Jiraiya is arrogant in his abilities

With Jiraiya’s track record in the shinobi world, it’s no wonder he’s confident in his fighting skills. Jiraiya is also one of the best teachers in the franchise. He fully believes that he can take on almost any enemy, which is why he spends so much of his time traveling alone.

It turns out to be his downfall in Naruto, and it would prove to be his downfall against Thanos. Without the Infinity Gauntlet, Jiraiya would certainly have the advantage of his many mastered skills. With that, however, Thanos would have the upper hand by manipulating reality. Jiraiya always falls for a beautiful face and Thanos would take advantage of it.

4 Can: Madara Is A Shinobi Powerhouse

Madara Uchiha is the mastermind behind much of the ultimate conflict in Naruto series. It’s Madara who pushes Tobi into his villainous path, and it’s Madara who’s strong enough to go up against both Sasuke and Naruto.

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Madara is one of the few villains in the series who is smart enough to play the long game and strong enough to ensure his plans are carried out. Thanos spends a few years collecting Infinity Stones, but Madara spends his lifetimes making sure his followers carry out his orders.

3 Can not: Kakashi does not have the chakra to resist the fight

Kakashi is an incredibly smart and incredibly skilled shinobi, therefore he becomes Hokage. He would be a good person to advise anyone about their fight against Thanos. Unfortunately, all of Kakashi’s skills would not help him survive Thanos in a fight. Eventually, Thanos would tire him.

This is because Kakashi does not have chakra levels for someone like Naruto to back up his abilities. Some of his most powerful abilities clear his chakra levels very quickly. He would have to turn the fight to another if he wanted to live to fight another day.

2 Can: Shikamaru has the perfect strategy to beat Thanos

Shikamaru Nara from Naruto

Like a child, Shikamaru constantly tells people that he has no interest in playing the hero or put the work on like a shinobi. He just wants to skate past. But when he uses himself, Shikamaru quickly proves to be the best strategist in the shinobi world. Nothing can stop him when he first thinks of something.

It is Shikamaru who finds out how to defeat Hidan, the essentially immortal Akatsuki member, on his own. It’s also Shikamaru who starts acting as an adviser to a Hokage as a teenager – and takes over as chief strategist during the Fourth Shinobi World War, when his father is killed. If Shikamaru went after Thanos, Thanos would not have a chance. Shikamaru would probably even figure out how to destroy all Infinity Stones so Thanos could not use them.

1 Can not: Orochimaru would put his own survival ahead of a victory

Orochimaru gets ready to fight

Orochimaru is certainly a formidable opponent who found a way to prolong his life beyond normal expectation. He also loves to experiment with dangerous jutsu. He would certainly be fascinated by the idea of ​​Infinity Stones, and would probably try to beat Thanos to them.

In the end, however, Orochimaru would put his own survival above all else. If his own well-being was threatened, he would give up the fight with Thanos to live another day, and therefore Thanos would win in the end. He would keep pushing forward when Orochimaru would not.

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