6 dream games we would like to see from Activision Blizzard on Xbox

If you somehow missed the shocking news earlier today, Microsoft has announced that they are buying Activision Blizzard. That means we’ll see a huge selection of Activision Blizzard games come to Game Pass, and that alone cost Microsoft close to $ 70 billion – what a steal!

But all this raises the question, what does the future hold now that this agreement is in play? What possibilities might now be a reality now that these two giants are meeting? Well, we even have a few ideas, things that we would love to see in the future as a result of this crazy announcement.

Crash Bandicoot / Spyro / Banjo Kazooie crossover

Let’s start with a wild. As a result of this agreement, we have three OG video game IPs under one roof. Banjo Kazooie has always been a Microsoft darling, but Spyro and Crash Bandicoot are now being brought into the fold. These once tough rivals are now in a position where they can show up together, in a sort of wild 3D platforming crossover that I’m sure would cause a large portion of the population of 30 to lose their collective. mind.

If there was one love letter game that Microsoft could give the green light, an indicator that they were getting the most out of the new features under their belt, it would be. While it was easy to feel depressed when faced with the news that Toys for Bob was about to take on a supporting role for Warzone, there is a spark of hope that we can see our beloved orange marsupial again on the Xbox.

World of Warcraft on Xbox

Here is a strange one. Everyone knows that Final Fantasy 14 is the big dog right now in the MMORPG market, with a dominant presence on both PlayStation consoles and PC. With World of Warcraft under the giant golden Microsoft umbrella, it’s potentially possible that Blizzard’s legendary title may finally hit consoles. After all, they added controller support to the game back with the launch of the Shadowlands expansion, which is why it should not be possible.

Whatever your position on the current state of World of Warcraft (and it’s slowly dwindling player base), it’s a name everyone knows. Having the game launched on the Xbox would be a hell of a statement from Microsoft. They should work around tying up dozens of abilities on an xbox controller and maybe figure out a new way to target allies and enemies, but if they can figure it out, it could lead to a new wave of players are interested in jumping into Azeroth.

Arkane is doing a Singularity spinoff / sequel

Anyone remember Singularity? It was a nice first person shooter released for the Xbox 360 and PS3 back in 2010. Created by Activision Blizzard, it allowed gamers to mess around with time with TMD, a gimmick that helped set it apart from other FPS games at the time. .

Do you know who has shown that they can create some proper FPS games with pastime? Arkane. These parties were able to show off their stuff with Dishonored and its time to stop, and then took it to the next level with the seventh mission – A Crack in the Slab. Put the good guys in Arkane in the driver’s seat in a new Singularity game and they will be in their proper element.

World’s Edge makes Warcraft 4

Look, Warcraft fans are in a difficult situation right now. We are talking about the wayward souls who still have fond memories of the original RTS games that introduced the world to Azeroth way back in time. With Warcraft 3 Reforged, these fans did not get exactly what they had in mind. With that in mind, we say that a new high-quality Warcraft RTS is just what the world needs and who is better at making it than the World’s Edge.

For those unfamiliar, World’s Edge is the Microsoft-owned developer behind the Age of Empire games. Their recent entry into their own beloved RTS series became a hit, and they received rave reviews across the board, no doubt showing that a good Real Time Strategy game can still be a hit, even today. With them still well capable of producing popping titles in the genre, they are the perfect studio to plot the course for a future Warcraft game.

Playground Games X Crash Team Racing

We’ve already seen Playground show off its racing chops with the prestigious Forza Horizon series, but what if we put the studio on the task of doing something a little more … silly? Following the success of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled on both Xbox and PlayStation consoles a few years back, it’s safe to say that the asphalt is ready for another entry into the manic kart racing genre. And – if Beenox and Toys for Bob are launched elsewhere – who better to hire for a fast-paced, explosive racing game than Playground?

The studio clearly has the right mindset to take Crash, Coco and friends a step beyond what we have seen to date; The Lego and Hot Wheels extensions for the Forza Horizon 4 have flirted with races that are a little less grounded in reality. Adding a few fuzzy marsupials (and whatever the hell Pinstripe should be) to that formula sounds like a winner to us. Maybe we could even get some Killer Instinct characters in there as unlockable?

Tim Schafers Spyro the Dragon

If you’ve played Psychonauts, Brutal Legend, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, or many other games that you routinely find on lists of ‘the funniest games ever’, you know that Double Fine and study director Tim Schafer, know for fun. It’s in their bones. Whether it’s a visual pun, a silly gag or a more pervasive, thematic kind of fun, the studio just understands how to make people laugh in the interactive entertainment space.

Of all the incoming IPs that Microsoft will soon be playing with, I think Spyro is best suited for a Double Fine game; the world is colorful, full of ridiculous things, with logic that can be bent and stretched on a whim. A large core of characters in Spyro, Sparx, Hunter, Elora, the greedy bastard of a bear and more would provide amazing NPC food for Double Fine, and the kind of adventure you can make in a world that apparently runs on gems and the magic is virtually infinite. It would be like Terry Pratchett via Monkey Island – and I can not think of a better pitch than that.

What would you like to see emerge from this monumental moment in the video game industry? Tell us your dream Microsoft x Activision Blizzard game below and why would you like to see it happen?

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