8 Loki quotes proving he is actually a hero

As one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Loki has been memorable on several planets across the galaxy. But his actions on these planets and in these movies are not always memorable in a positive way.

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Over time, however, Loki has proven to be more than an annoying problem child. His anger comes from the right place, and subsequent film appearances have shed light on his complexity. But that was with Disney +’s Loki that the audience got to see who he is deep down and he can just be a hero.

8 When Loki is the optimist

“I assure you, brother, the sun will shine on us again.”

One of Loki’s best plans was also his most altruistic. Avengers: Infinity War picks up where Thor: Ragnarök relaxed and, off Thor film, Loki shows greatest growth in Ragnarok. But it is his faceoff with Thanos that leads to his ultimate heroism.

Of course, there is also a moment of doubt (at least on the part of the audience and Thor). But when he turns to his brother and says “I assure you, brother, the sun is shining on us again,” everyone knows that Loki has in fact turned a corner.

7 When Thanos strangles Loki to death

“You … Will Never Be … A God.”

Thanos strangles Loki to death in Infinity War.

Of the worst things that have happened to Loki, his death certainly ranks at the top. Thanos gets the upper hand and almost breaks the selfish tyrant in two.

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But Thanos is the real tyrant, Loki just pretended to be someone who strengthens his own self-esteem. When he suffocates “You … will never become … a god,” it is almost an admission of guilt. He sees a bit of himself in Thanos and knows that his pursuit of power is an exercise in futility.


6 When Loki justifies his past to Mobius

“I do not enjoy hurting people. I do not enjoy it. I do it because I have had to.”

Loki Disney Plus

Since Loki is forced to analyze and account for his misdeeds, he does not like everything he sees. When he sits through a slide show of unethical behavior, he naturally becomes defensive.

However, he is not yet about to accept his actions, much less to make amends. His denial, directed at Mobius M. Mobius, comes in the form of stuttering self-defense: “I do not enjoy hurting people. I do not enjoy it. I do it because I have had to.” It’s a bad rationalization to try to take over the Earth (among other things), but even just admitting that he did not enjoy it in a clearly honest way is a step in the right direction.

5 When Loki understands that the world is gray

“No good is ever really good, and no bad is ever really bad.”

Mobius’ conversations with Loki are enlightening in more ways than one. Mobius is apparently a boring bureaucrat, and he is, but he is also lied to. He thinks he and TVA are on the good side, but they are really just on the manufacturing side.

“No good is ever really good, and no bad is ever really bad” serves as much as a warning as it serves to indicate Loki’s mentality at the time. But digging deeper into it reveals confusion, and later episodes would reveal a will to change.

4 When Loki is honest about his past

“I betrayed everyone who has ever loved me.”

loki marvel disney + series

No MCU character reaches quite as many emotional revelations or changes in their personality as Loki. He feels victimized and unloved, so he strikes out.

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But Loki has always been loved, and part of him knows that. But audiences would be forgiven for thinking he did not do so before his eponymous series, so “I Betrayed Everyone Who Ever Loved Me” comes as one of his more shocking concessions through the first six episodes. It shows that he is attentive and the concept of remorse does not live so deep in him after all, it is right at the surface.

3 When Loki and Sylvie make up a good team

“I think we are stronger than we realize.”

Loki has always been a loner. It was only in the anonymous Disney + series that he failed to break the usual lifestyle at all.

At first it was reluctant. And learning the characteristics of his various peers did not help deter him from isolation. But Sylvie allowed him to look at himself objectively, and he came to the realization that camaraderie can be a good thing. “I think we’re stronger than we realize” represents a shift in Loki’s personality, as it’s something he would never have uttered in previous MCU appearances.

2 When Loki is self-aware of his nature

“Because you can not trust, and I can not trust.”

Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson in Loki

Loki is not only responsible for some of the funniest quotes of the MCU character, but also some of his saddest.

One of his variants, Sylvie, is the one who fully makes Loki see the light in himself. Lady Loki is a mirror image of the one the audience has come to know and love, which means she is susceptible to many of the same mistakes. She can not trust anyone, so when Loki says “Because you can not trust … and I can not trust,” he knows what he is talking about. It is also a sign of an increasing amount of self-awareness.

1 When Loki finds strength in his grief

“Trust my rage.”

When Frigga, queen of Asgård, is killed by Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, Loke’s grief is to touch and feel. It was revealed that he is bitter Thor, vengeful in The Avengersand complex in The dark world.

Hey may have been openly angry with his adoptive parents, but it’s clear he had room in his heart for his mother. This kind of internal turmoil gives more interesting characters, and Loki is interesting. He also has a good heart if he just wanted to show it.

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