8 Ways The Batman ’89 Comic Continues The Burtonverse

As two of the most innovative comic books, Tim Burtons Batman (1989) and its successor, Batman returns (1992), is considered an essential show for all Batman fans. While not the most faithful adaptation of Batman, the original film was the first piece of Batman media to have such a high budget. Therefore, they are without a doubt two of the most influential cartoon films ever made. However, after Batman returns came out, Warner Brothers canceled Burton’s plans for the third film after several disagreements. As a result, the Burton Batman timeline got a soft reboot in Joel Schumachers Batman forever (1995).

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Thanks to DC Comics, the first issue of 2021 was published Batman 89, which is a cartoon that tells the story of the continuing Burtonverse. The new comic has continued Burtonverse in several ways, such as telling the story of Harvey Dent, as actor Billy Dee Williams portrayed in Burton’s first Batman movie.

8 Continued presence of the Joker Gang

Joker Gang

In Burton’s first Batman movie, the Joker (portrayed by actor Jack Nicholson) was the main villain. After falling into a tub of chemical waste, Jack Napier became the Joker. When Joker tried to become king of the criminal underworld, he formed a gang of thugs who committed crimes around Gotham. After dying at the end of the film, the Joker did not reappear in Burtonverse. But in the first issue of Batman ’89 cartoon, The Joker’s influence is still alive. This is because members of his gang are still terrorizing the streets of Gotham in hopes of securing a solid position in the criminal underworld.

7 The original Batman 1989 screenwriter returns

Batman 89 cover

To secure Batman ’89 the comic is a true sequel to Burtonverse, DC brought the original film’s screenwriter, Sam Hamm, back to write the entire six-track series. Instead of having a veteran Batman comic book writer make the series, DC’s choice to go with the film franchise’s original screenwriter was the right decision. This ensures that Burton’s original vision – or something very close – is shown in the cartoon.

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In the four issues published up to this point, Hamm’s authorship is well reflected in the characters. They all talk and behave like they did in the movies.

6 Drake Winston becomes Robin

Drake Winston Robin

It is well known among fans of Burton’s Batman movie that the third movie originally had plans to introduce Robin in the form of an original character, Drake Winston. In fact, before the film fell apart, actor Marlon Wayans agreed to portray the role. In the comic sequel, fans have finally seen what Wayans’ Robin could have looked like in the movie as Drake Winston. An underprivileged young man from a poor neighborhood in Gotham appeared in number 1 of the story, wearing a black hood with a yellow cloak. Shortly after their first meeting, Winston and Bruce Wayne met and discussed forming a partnership together as Batman & Robin.

5 The introduction of Barbara Gordon

Barbara Gordon

After never appearing in Burton’s Batman movie, Barbara Gordon’s introduction to Burtonverse has come exclusively from Batman ’89 cartoon. Introduced on the first pages of number one as Harvey Dent’s girlfriend, Barbara Gordon is a police sergeant working with her father, Police Commissioner James Gordon.

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Although Barbara Gordon eventually appeared in Schumachers Batman and Robin (1998), her story in the comic sequel goes a whole different way compared to what is shown in the film. Up to this point in the comics, Barbara has shown no sign of becoming a Batgirl. She is currently working as a police officer to stop Two-Face.

4 The Transformation of Billy Dee Williams’ Two-Face

Batman 89 Two-Face

Introduced as the District Attorney who has joined the effort to capture Batman, Harvey Dent (portrayed by actor Billy Dee Williams) appeared prominently in Tim Burton’s first Batman film, but did not appear in the second. In the comic sequel, Dent is still the district attorney, and he’s also dating Barbara Gordon. On top of a romantic relationship, Dent is more concretized in this version of the story. His connection to inner city neighborhoods shows as he walks through parts of Gotham and shows long-standing relationships with the locals. After running into a burning building at the end of number 2, Harvey falls into a puddle of gasoline, which catches fire and burns half of his face.

3 A more developed Jim Gordon & Harvey Bullock

Jim Gordon Harvey Bullock Batman 89

Two of the more underdeveloped characters in Tim Burton’s Batman movie are Police Commissioner James Gordon and Lieutenant Harvey Bullock. Although these two are longtime supporting characters in the Batman mythos, their roles in the film – especially Harvey Bullocks – are of two half-assed cops appearing in crucial scenes. They never do anything that seriously affects the plot or changes the path of other characters.

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But in the comics, the influence of the two has been strengthened, and they are both more serious characters. Readers even see Harvey Bullock verbally take Harvey Dent to task in more than one panel, as it has been made clear early on that Bullock sees Dent as nothing more than a politician.

2 The classic Suit & Batmobile returns

Batman 89 Suit and Batmobile

One of the many reasons why Tim Burton’s Batman movies remain iconic is the beloved designs of Batman’s suits and Batmobile. With black metal coating that complements the small, yellow Batman logo, this version of Batsuit is famous for being the first of its kind on screen and largely reflecting the character’s presence. The lower chest area of ​​the suit was adjusted slightly too Batman returns and retains the same mood. The iconic 1989 Batmobile, which remained the same in the sequel, is still considered by some to be the most beautiful Batmobil that has ever graced the screen. Fortunately, both of these familiar designs are retained in the cartoon, which reinforces how fans certainly read about Tim Burton’s Batman.

1 Michelle Pfieffers Catwoman Is Alive

Catwoman 89

Introduced in Batman returns, Michelle Pfieffer’s Catwoman has long been a fan’s favorite adaptation of the character. While her ultimate fate was left ambiguous after a fight with Maxwell Lord at the end of the film, whether Catwoman was dead or alive was a complete mystery to Burton Batman fans. But now, thanks Batman ’89 # 2, fans know that Catwoman survived his encounter with the Lord and still roams the streets of Gotham dancing in line with the villain and anti-hero. At this point in the comic’s history, Catwoman’s involvement is unknown. However, it is clear that she will soon play a major role as she recently hacked into Gotham PD’s computer system.

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