9 best sci-fi characters that fooled everyone, according to Reddit

Sci-fi movies tend to include shady, power-hungry characters. They may be the head of an empire or governor of Mars, but one thing is for sure: they fooled some people.

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Some are entertaining, others scary, but interestingly, not all dupes are malicious. According to Reddit, sci-fi movies are full of characters who are talented in deception. Most are villains, but some are just misunderstood. From the leaders of future trains driven by lies to a living planet and his aerial companion, sci-fi has unique masters of manipulation.


Antwan Hovachelik i Free Guy (2021)

Antwan Hovachelik would certainly be a Slytherin in Potterverse, but in the world of Free guy, he is an absolute fool who somehow managed to dazzle fans and even the government. Fortunately, lies have a way of catching up with their creators.

Antwan’s exaggerated personality did not help him. After someone talked about his lack of sympathy and corrupt greed, a Redditor came in with “After working with technology, some directors and founders are really like that, they’re just better off not acting camp.” Antwan certainly has similar real-world competition, but it’s surprising that he managed to steal the code for an entire game and sell it as his own.

Yon-Rogg and Captain Marvel (2019)

Yon-Rogg smiles with an evil laugh in Captain Marvel

Yon-Rogg is not one of Jude Law’s best roles or even one of the better villains in MCU, but he managed to fool Carol Danvers and many others for a long time. The Redditors mostly pointed to his relationship with Danvers, especially in terms of his gas lighting. LittleYellowFish1 put it well: “Getting him to behave more like Carol’s legitimate, gaslighting boyfriend rather than a real physical threat could have been done really well ….”

Yon-Rogg keeps essentially all the factual details of Danvers’ life away from her. She suffers from memory loss and he has convinced her that she is someone he knows she is not. It is debatable whether the film drew the character out, according to the same Redditor who said, “one would think that his poisonous influence would hang like a shadow over Carol … until she finally stands up to him (which does not even do so). ) happen in a real way). “

Adrian Griffin and The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man's Suit does not work properly - The Invisible Man 2020

Adrian Griffin was a violent monster who got away with a lot for a long time, including forging his own death. But he had help along the way, including a shady lawyer brother, millions of dollars, an extremely high IQ and his invisible suit.

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Griffin was even helped by incompetent security guards, according to SpiderDeUZ, “See a bunch of your colleagues being killed by an invisible person and they stand there confused. Good help is hard to find, I think.”

Mr. Wilford and Snowpiercer (2013)

Wilford is a cruel man, whether it’s in Snow piers movies or TV shows. He is a person who does not see one life as equal to another. Instead, someone’s value is essentially determined by their monetary value.

Inkshooter wrote: “I interpreted the ending as realizing that the problem was not what part of the train they were on, but the fact that they were all stuck on a … train to begin with. Tail section or engine “It’s all part of the twisted system that Wilford designed.”

Khan Noonien Singh in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)

Kirk, Spock and Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness

Star Trek Into the Dark did not live up to its predecessor’s reputation or quality, even though it’s fun and visually stunning. One problem is plot holes and moments that land with a tassel when they should raise fans’ heart rate. In KermitTheFraud92’s words, “The movie starts with Khan killing Starfleet Council or something … They catch him after he finds out how many torpedoes they have, and while he’s in jail, he reveals that his name is “Kahn”, and everyone looks around. Ominous as if to say ‘It’s him !!’ “

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The Khan revelation is supposed to be one of the film’s greatest moments, but it was predictable even before the film’s release. To add salt to the wound is a little over-dramatized, according to the same Redditor: “No one should know who Khan is next to Old Spock, but here we are. This revelation makes no sense.” In other words, Khan got everyone fooled, though Why they were fooled is more interesting.

The Green Goblin in Spider-Man: No Way Home

The multiple-timeline-creating Spider-Man: No Way Home brought fan-favorite villains back to varying degrees of quality. At the top was Norman Osborn / Green Goblin. Dafoe is again excellent in the role, selling the audience on his seemingly broken Norman, just as he sells Aunt May and then Holland’s Peter Parker.

In Gensi_Alaria’s words, “I completely lost my ass when Norman just turned like a contact and became the green elf because the change was IN HIS EYES, he did not have a costume or mask or anything ….”

Dr. Yueh In Dune (2021)

One of the more surprising twists in Denis Villeneuves Dune came with courtesy of Dr. Wellington Yueh. The adaptation, one of 2021’s best sci-fi films, stays close to Frank Herbert’s source material. But for the uninitiated, Dr. Yueh’s betrayal of the Duke a shock.

The character shows few signs of his intentions before carrying out his plan, but a Redditor believes this may be due to limited screen time. SpiritedPangolin wrote: “No warning of Yueh’s betrayal. It felt completely random. Yueh was there in two scenes and then WHAM he is revealed as a traitor.”

Darth Sidious in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge Of The Sith (2005)

Sheev Palpatine executes the proclamation of a new order;  the formation of the Galactic Empire to replace the Galactic Republic, and announced it in the Senate in Revenge of the Sith

Sheev Palpatine, or Darth Sidious, is fooling an entire galaxy. He stood in front of representatives from what appeared to be all the planets in the system, and they all screamed in joyful support.

One Redditor, godawgs1991, questioned how many people knew it all along: “I’ve always imagined that Dooku certainly knew his true identity, but if Grievous … gets caught, you would not want them to have that information and risk a potential leak.I know that if his coverage were blown up, he could easily turn the contact from Sheev to Sidious and escape any imminent danger, but if his identity becomes known to the Jedi too soon, it would ruin many years of careful planning. This guy is really on a tightrope while playing 2 games of 3D chess. “

Ego & Mantis in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2

Ego the Living Planet and Mantis

Ego the Living Planet is probably the MCU’s most powerful villain to date, with or without a power glove. He is also the most evil, after killing the supposed love of his life with a tumor because she kept him away from his work. And that was after he did the same with several others and killed them, after their children ended up not having the specific qualities of Starlord / Peter Quill. But in the beginning, he certainly seemed like a nice guy, both to Quill and the audience.

There is also his empathetic servant, Mantis, who helps orchestrate the facade. But she is far from experienced in the ways of the world, having been referred to a life in which she essentially interacts with just Ego. Cbekel3618 summed up: “… everything she’s learned about parenting and how they should treat their children came from him. So when she touched Drax, she finally saw how a parent really should feel about their child dies what familial love really is. “

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Smart Hulk in Avengers Endgame and Bruce Banner in Shang-Chi's post-credits scene

Shang-Chi VFX team hints at where Bruce Banner is during the Credits scene

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