A look at new books coming out in November: NPR

November books.
November books.

November looks crowded with some long awaited books – including the finale of a trilogy, Jade Legacy, and a memoir of Hillary Clinton’s longtime confidant Huma Abedin. Here are a handful we are excited to read.

The sentence

“Louise Erdrich‘s The sentence is intimate, often sardonic in tone, following the life of a Native American woman in Minneapolis who has recently been released from prison, “said reviewer Keishel Williams.” The woman, Tookie, struggles to understand why she is being haunted by a former client and learns that the ghosts of the past, spiritual or metaphorical, can linger as an extended penance for our sins. In this somewhat offbeat and whimsical novel, Erdrich shows us how much people can remain haunted by their past actions or lack thereof. “

Win me something

“In the last couple of years, it seems like the volume of everything has been screwed up to 11, so it’s a great thing to find a book that is comfortable in its own silence,” says reviewer Michael Schaub. “IN Kyle Lucia Wu ‘s debut novel, Win me something, a young woman in New York takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy family, and her relationship with the couple’s early daughter causes her to regard her own childhood as ‘a remnant of a family that did not exist’. It is a subtle reflection on non-belonging that is beautifully constructed and with great care. “

Jade heritage

Reiewer Jason Sheehan says: “Over the course of three books – Jade City, Jade war and now Jade heritage, out at the end of the month – Fonda lee has mapped the entire history of a family over 20 years of war, politics and murder. Those characters we met as young men and women in Town has grown up now. Those who lived through War have husbands and wives, children growing into their own power. Read Green Bone Saga’s The Godfather with an Asian cast, Game of Thrones in suits, ties and sunglasses. It has all the hallmarks of a modern, international gangster epic filled with intrigue in boardrooms, economic theory, and sword fighting. Jade heritage (which weighs over 700 pages) will serve as a fitting (and destructive) ending to the trilogy. “

Misfire: Inside the Downfall of NRA

“Misfire is a scathing critique of the NRA, but one that is based on history and facts rather than meaning,” said reviewer Gabino Iglesias. “The NRA’s corruption runs deep, but Team Mak (an NPR correspondent) dug even deeper to reveal its rotten core and why it is crumbling at the moment. “

Both / And: A life in many worlds

Reviewer Caitlyn Kim says she looks forward to reading Both and: “Huma Abedin has never been far from Hillary Clinton. The porter and connoisseur of everything Hillary, Abedin’s professional life followed Clinton’s and Abedin’s personal life also had unfortunate echoes of Clinton’s. Throughout it, she was often seen in public, but rarely heard from. With this book, Abedin has a chance to step out of the shadows and talk about her life – the good and the bad – including her fateful marriage to the former rep. Anthony Weiner and his sexting scandals. I admit that I’m more than a little curious to find out what she thinks of ‘Carlos Danger’. “

These precious days

The latest from Ann Patchett, author of The Dutch house and Lovely song, gathers his writings on everything from home to friendship to work in a nice little package with very personal essays.

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