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A Quick Guide to Outsourcing Your Customer Service

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Outsourcing Your Customer Service

The customer service of any enterprise or startup is one of the core cogs contributing to the business’s success. You may have a small startup or want to offer a personal feel to your customers. Outsourcing customer service translates to better efficiency and reduced running costs for other businesses.

For some enterprises, outsourcing a customer service provider is logical because the business is seasonal. Peaking seasons may be during the holidays and slowing down during the rest of the year.

Alternatively, you may be new to the game, and it seems prudent to seek a professional customer service provider. Whatever your reasons are for outsourcing customer service is, here are a few tips to help you put your best foot forward.

Have a Clearly Defined Plan for the Required Services

Like any service provider in the business, you should have an elaborate plan for executing customer services. The latter depends on:

How do you Reach Your Customers?

Communicating to customers can take several forms. Your customer base may prefer a live chat, voice support, emails, or social platforms. Each channel has its merits.

The live chat offers instant replies and voice support, which offers reassuring human support. An email offers a personal and confidential appeal and may offer more detailed information to quell fears and offer solutions to complaints.

You can opt to outsource either service depending on your customer base and what appeals to your market. For voice support, the poly headset offers numerous advantages offering a human voice. The headset has excellent audio, a long-lasting battery, and synchronizes perfectly with the Windows platform.

Establish The Costs of Every Communication Channel

When deciding on a customer service medium, cost carries a swing vote. Whereas voice support seems excellent, it takes an agent a lot more time to reply to one phone call when compared to running a live chat. For this reason, a well-devised plan that allows you to offer a hybrid service should be a top priority.

Sometimes, you may consider having in-house customer service when business is slow and outsource during peak periods. When considering outsourcing services, a service provider who offers scalable and flexible arrangements may be ideal.

Look For a Company That Shares Your Ideals and Principles

There is no shortage of companies that offer an outsourced customer service platform. Picking a company to partner with should be a meticulous process. The company you pick will be your voice to your customers.

For this reason, the company you choose to partner with should share in your values, vision and allow you to grow and transition seamlessly from different phases in your business.

After picking a partner, make it custom to conduct customer surveys to ensure that your customers are comfortable with the company. In this way, you will know the kinks that need unraveling and the areas that your clients are happy with.

Conduct Regular Trial and Training

Even though your outsourced customer service provider may share your values and aspirations, they are not you. For this reason, after settling on a partner, it is vital that you schedule for bench-marking expeditions, trial runs, training sessions, and a session to realign goals and set objectives.

It would be prudent to select customer service agents who understand your message and articulate and represent you to your customers. Training sessions can also include interactive sessions where you can better understand your representatives to establish a rapport.

The training offered ensures that your outsourced team has the pre-requisite tools to serve your customers efficiently. The agents should care for your customers like you do and should represent you perfectly.

Therefore, your training should offer guidance and share your expectations on your preferred message, tone, and how to convey it. You may opt to share sample FAQs, a customer database, helpful automation, and relationship management.

Have Efficient Communication Channels

Your relationship with your customer service provider is a partnership. For any partnership to work for mutual benefit, well-defined and unhindered two-way communication channels ought to exist.

Open communication allows you to:

  • Work on the areas that need some improvement
  • Identify gaps in training
  • Receive feedback from your clients

The team you select is your face; thus, it would be in your best interest to keep them in the loop about all relevant information.

Outsourcing a customer service provider may offer numerous advantages to your enterprise. An excellent relationship with your service provider will propel your business to great heights. It would serve your interests to ensure that you outsource companies with a proven track record and work to develop an excellent rapport.

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