ACNH player retains the signatures of beloved villagers as they go

An Animal Crossing player has paid tribute to villagers who have moved from their islands by drawing signatures for them on their island cliff.

An Crossing animals player has made it a tradition to make signatures of the villagers leaving their island. When a villager leaves someone’s island, it can be a sad loss for players to deal with. But this can make it a happy way to remember those who have been lost.

Villagers who move out are a little different in Animal Crossing: New Horizons compared to previous games. IN Animal Crossing: New Leaf, villagers can potentially move out without notice if the player does not ask them to stay before their move date. But i Animal Crossing: New Horizons, villagers who move out are determined by the player. When a villager has a thought bubble over his head, there is a chance that a villager will take up the topic of moving away from the player’s island. Crossing animals villagers will no longer move out randomly when the player is away from their island.


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When a villager moves from Reddit user StormyandPerc’s island, they have taken the opportunity to write their signature on an island cliff. Villagers like Antonio and Dora get specialized signatures in their style in memory of them. Meanwhile, Fang’s signature is left at the corner of the cliff with a darker color than all the others. It is another view of commemorating villagers, which some comments indicate is a healthier approach compared to building a cemetery for them, which is a more common means of commemorating left villagers.

There are hundreds of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, some that players will pay millions of bells for, and others that players want to kick their island off as quickly as possible. Fans have made many a number of list of which villagers are the best and who are the least appealing. Villagers like Raymond are still highly desired by most fans, while Barold is a villager that many players tend to stay away from. The range of opinions about villagers is extremely varied from fans and there are many villagers that players can attach personal connections to over time.

But there are some players who ultimately choose to let villagers go for various reasons, whether it is to let new villagers in or simply because they do not like who they have. Some players can not wait to get rid of unwanted villagers, while some who let villagers miss them after they are gone. Therefore, it makes sense to pay tribute to villagers who have moved out. This method of leaving the signatures of the villagers on a rock is a small but tender reminder of those who have come and gone, and it can help players to always remember those who have left their mark on a player’s island.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available now on the Nintendo Switch.

Source: StormyandPerc / Reddit

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