Activated charcoal: Let your hair count on this real blue ingredient to fight dandruff

November does not really seem to be a boring month, for Thanksgiving has not yet come, and with all the weddings and celebrations happening around us. We are often inclined to be happy when we go up, while randomly removing the problems that our lures face. Shiny and long hair does not appear from one day to the next, and if you want it to look alluring on the outside, you should nourish it from the inside. This is what healthy hair dreams should be built on.

Did you know that there is an ingredient that has reigned for a long time now, but which is as promising for your hair as it is for your skin? The world knows it as ‘Activated Charcoal’. You absolutely have to get a jump on this incredible remedy that is now available through shampoos, face packs, face washes and more. Why should we hype it, you ask? Ask a person with oily and acne prone skin if this black wonder did them good by pulling out toxins, scrubbing blackheads away, controlling excess oil production from one’s skin and fighting acne problems.

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Your skin will never be able to get enough of how exceptional this works, but your hair should not miss its benefits. Is your scalp dry and extremely itchy? Activated carbon can treat it as it can keep an eye on the oil produced, this can fight dandruff. It is also an antibacterial ingredient.

Smelly scalp? Blend essential oil with activated charcoal and use it to cleanse your hair at least twice a week. This can deep clean and free the pores to remove dirt and keep your hair healthy, which can otherwise be weighed down as this can result in loss of volume. Ready to let your beautiful and delicious jump look great?

Have you used products with activated carbon? How was your experience? Share it with us in the comments section.

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