Aliens Xenomorphs were once destroyed by a group of ninjas

During one of the most creative and unique Alien stories, a group of ninjas destroyed an entire Xenomorph nest, proving that skills beat weapons!

Under one of the most creative unique Alien story lines, an entire Xenomorph nest was infiltrated and dismantled, not by a team of colonial navies, but by a group of ninjas. Xenomorphs have long been established as a force that is extremely difficult to kill, with the first appearance of one taking out an entire crew on their own. As time went on, and humanity became more and more aware of the existence of aliens, the weapons people used to fight Xenomorphs increased in power, though for this group of assassins, the only thing needed to take them down was swords. and those with the abilities to use them.


IN Aliens: Music of the Spears written by Chet Williamson with art by Tim Hamilton and Timothy Bradstreet, a musician approaches a music distributor named Synsound with an idea for a new hit song. The musician has only one request, he needs a Xenomorph to be able to record its scream for his ‘Symphony of Hate’. Using this as a potentially profitable excuse to paralyze a rival conglomerate selling drugs called MedTech, the director approves the musician’s request and hires a special team to steal an Ovomorph from MedTech, as the company uses the derived Royal Jelly for medical purposes. The team that the director sent was, of course, ninjas.

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Since the explanation of why the ninjas were fighting the Xenomorphs happened in flashback, the book opened with fans being thrown into a secret mission and followed the ninjas into a safe lab that originally looked like it was not guarded at all. Then one of the ninjas’ heads exploded without warning when a Xenomorph shot his inner jaw through his skull. The others spread and quickly learned to cut the creatures in their joints after one of them cut a Xenomorph down the middle and was sprayed with acid that literally melted his face off. Eventually, three of the ninjas are killed, while all Xenomorphs are either killed or taken out of service due to their loss of limbs, and the ninjas come out of the hive with an egg.

While the visuals of ninjas fighting Xenomorphs alone are enough to make anyone Alien fan excited, the whole scene really shows what it takes to defeat a group of Xenomorphs. In the past, fans have seen trained soldiers bomb a group of Xenomorphs with heavy artillery and round after round of ammunition, and somehow most of them are still killed by the aliens. IN Aliens: Music of the Spears, the creative team turns that idea upside down and sends a small team in with no ammunition, only swords and skills to get the job done and kill Xenomorphs.

The success of the ninjas shows that the only way to beat a Xenomorph is to fight as a Xenomorph. Xenomorphs are some of the ninjas themselves who sneak in on their targets and either kill them or catch them for impregnation. Foreigners were fought on their terms and beaten at their own game as Alien‘s Xenomorphs were destroyed by a simple but highly trained group of ninjas.

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