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We interview Brazen star Alyssa Milano about her role in the film, her thoughts on her Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs and more.

Based on the novel by Nora Roberts, New Crime Bold Alyssa Milano in the lead role as Grace, a crime expert and mystery writer. After her sister, a webcam artist, is killed, Grace decides to get involved in the case, much to the annoyance of Detective Ed (Sam Page).

Screen Rant talked to Milan about her work with Bold, her thoughts about her Guardians of the Galaxy Easter eggs and more.

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Screen Rant: Can we please get the Alyssa Milano True Crime Netflix universe? I want to see a movie every year with Grace.

Alyssa Milano: Let’s do it! I will totally do it. I’m on board. I loved filming this movie. I loved the experience. I loved the freedom that Netflix gave us and how important it was for them to be authentic, and that this was a great movie. I’m super proud of it.

It was so fun to watch, and just the mystery that was solved that I will not give away …


Alyssa Milano: It’s so hard not to give it away! I’ve been doing interviews all day, and I swear, in every single interview, I stop myself, thank God, because otherwise people would not have to tune in to the movie.

We still do. We still do.

Now I have a question that I have wanted to ask you for years. You are in a way a big part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe because Peter Quill’s ship is named Milano after Alyssa Milano, his childhood infatuation, I assume you should have permission to do so. But I’m just very curious to hear …

Alyssa Milano: I had that none idea.

What do you think about it?

Alyssa Milano: It’s pretty cool. It is. It’s pretty cool. One of the coolest things, I think, has happened in my life.

Alyssa Milano in Brazen

So Alyssa Milano exists in MCU as Alyssa Milano.

Alyssa Milano: [nods] [laughs]

I think that’s really cool.

Another large fan base is, of course, Nora Robert’s romance fan base. And Bold is based on one of her novels. Were you a fan before? And how was your collaboration with Nora for this film? Because she seemed very supportive of you as Grace.

Alyssa Milano: So sweet, how supportive she was and she became a little bit lax in hiring me because of how candid I am. But you know, the movie is called Brazen, so I’m perfect for that. She’s amazing. Of course, I was a fan of her work before I made the film and also of this book in particular. ‘Brazen Virtue’ is the title of the book. The film is called Brazen. And what I asked her was, “Tell me what’s not on the page about Grace that I can put my teeth into and make a character.” And she said, “Well, Grace is the type of person who would jump up on a kitchen table and drink a beer out of the bottle and get a slice of pizza.” That’s kind of what I built the whole character on, oddly enough. Because everything else was on the page. I knew all about how she functioned, how she thought creatively, how good she was at her work as a crime writer. But I lacked that nuance of what made her human, and that gave Nora me.

I love that you said that because I read the Facebook post that Nora wrote where she said something along the lines of, “I think Alyssa and I will be fine if you do not see.”

Alyssa Milano: Yes, that’s okay. However, I hope people see it. At the time, I was thinking, “Yeah, you do not have to watch the movie.” But now I’m thinking, “No, this is a really good movie. Please watch the movie.”

Definitely. Well, I think Netflix has done a really good job on the rom-com side of things, and I saw all of them. And then I saw this, and I just thought, “I would love to see the true crime universe on Netflix.”

Alyssa Milano: Definitely, and I think there’s a real market for it. Yes, I’m the audience for that. That’s what was so amazing about making this movie, it was a movie I wanted to see.

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Bold is now streaming on Netflix.

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