Amber Portwood: I have a mental illness, okay?!?

Amber Portwood does not always appear to be the most stable person on social media.

She can very easily get very emotional, and she can swear a lot, and she can just yell and rave to a rather disturbing degree; most recently, for example, to throw all the stupid enemies out there who dare to judge her.

But there may be a reason for this occasional behavior.

And Amber just came out and owned up to it on Teen Mom AND this week.

Amber Portwood Teen Mom Photo

The latest installment of this MTV reality show once again focused on Portwood’s troubled relationship with his 12-year-old daughter, Leah.

The almost teenager has been complaining all season about how her mother has left her over the years – either for men or rehab, or because Amber actually spent time in jail.

Amber has occasionally tried to spend quality time with her oldest child.

But it has not gone well.

Amber Portwood is an OG

On Tuesday, however, Leah’s father and Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, finally agreed to see a psychiatrist with Portwood, making a real effort in the process of repairing his divided, unusual family.

What made Shirley reach this decision?

“I feel like things went a certain way and we all get past them, we all do our best to move on and grow up.

“I reckon that if I can at least do mine, then understand what you’re going through in terms of your mental state of mind,” he began … only for Amber to cut off her former lover.

Gary Shirley provides a status update

“Mental diseases“, she insisted.

In fact, the veteran star has previously been open about his diagnoses Borderline Personality and Bipolar Disorder.

She deserves praise for discussing them publicly in such a way.

“I have the biggest mental illnesses, I’m taking medication. It’s something you want to understand, too,” she told Gary in the episode.

Amber Portwood talks to a producer

Portwood took viewers a bit behind the scenes and continued:

“I try my best to get up off the couch, go to school, do As and Bs and try to have a relationship with Leah, and it’s hard, but I have accepted it.

“What I have not been able to accept is that my medicine, no matter what and how much I take of it, will never quite keep me as you.

“I think it’s a good thing, I really do.”

Amber Portwood plays it cool

After Shirley left her house, Portwood talked to a Teen Mom producer about what she hopes Shirley gets out of their therapy session together.

“I think he might get a little shocked at things he did not know,” she said.

“I hope that when he goes in and everything is explained to him, it’s not exactly a shock, but it’s more instructive and he will hopefully treat me a little differently.

“It’s my sanctuary, but I’m glad he’s finally open to it.”

Amber Portwood had a serious relationship with a woman

Amber added that she hopes Leah will also be “more open to” talking to a professional by her side now that her father will do so.

“We’ll see in the end what’s going to happen,” she said.

The episode ended with Amber and Gary of them walking into the psychiatrist’s office.

Good for them, right?

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