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Amy celebrates Gage’s 1st birthday with a cute IG post

Amy Slaton-Halterman from TLC’s 1000-Lb Sisters wishes her son Gage a happy birthday. Becoming a mother was a lifelong dream for Amy.

Amy Slaton-Halterman from TLC’s 1000-Lb sisters Fame recently shared an adorable post on Instagram to celebrate her son Gage’s first birthday. Over the past year, fans have seen how Amy and her husband Mike Halterman embraced parenting, something they have always wanted but did not expect to happen so quickly. While Amy has received her fair share of criticism about everything from the cleanliness of her home to the incorrect fixing of Gage in his car seat, her followers are pretty much excited to see what the future holds for the Halterman family.

For two seasons of 1000-Lb sisters, viewers followed Amy and her older sister Tammy Slaton as they embarked on a weight loss journey. When Amy weighed about 400 pounds and Tammy over 600, they felt it was time to act. Tammy is still struggling to qualify for gastric bypass surgery, but Amy reached that goal in season 1 and lost 100 pounds. Although she was advised to wait two years to have a baby, Amy became pregnant only months after her surgery. It was a high-risk pregnancy that was crammed with cheating days due to the urge to conceive, which threatened to undo all the work she put in. Either way, Gage (named after the Stephen King character in Expensive cemetery) came healthy and happy to this world on November 10, 2020, making Amy’s lifelong dream of motherhood a reality.


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To celebrate her little boy’s first birthday, Amy posted a cute selfie (see below) of her and Gage. She wrote the text for it, “Screaming congratulations on 1 year birthday. To my wonderful son. We love you more than you realize“Amy described Gage as kind, sweet and a bit of a rebel. She added that she is”proud to say I am your mother“and that Gage is her and Mike’s”heart and soul“Amy’s 277,000 followers flooded the comment section with greetings to Gage on his special day. A fan acknowledged the importance of this day for Amy and said,”Amy, I am so happy on your behalf that your dream of becoming a mother came true! Congratulations on 1 year birthday for motherhood. “

The premiere of 1000-Lb sisters season 3 is just around the corner on November 15, and Slatons’ diehard fanbase can’t wait to see where they both are on their respective weight loss journeys. Although Amy made significant progress, it is possible that the upbringing of a newborn caused her not to be so strict with her diet. On previous Instagram posts, including one showing Amy and Gage matching Jack Skellington outfits, many remarked that it looked like she was gaining some weight. On the other hand, Amy’s supporters pointed out that most women gain a little weight during pregnancy.

As for Tammy, she has had quite a few setbacks, from getting COVID-19 and going on oxygen to her inability to escape a defeated mindset. A number of viewers fear that unless Tammy takes drastic action, she will not be alive to see a 1000-Lb sisters season 4. Hopefully Tammy is able to realize that her family wants her the best. Like most sisters, she and Amy fight and quarrel from time to time, especially when Amy comes up with suggestions for Tammy to improve her health. At the end of the day, Amy will have her partner in crime by her side in the long run, and that Gage will enjoy many years to come with his aunt Tammy.

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Source: Amy Slaton / Instagram

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