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Ana Gasteyer, Vella Lovell and Rachel Dratch in A Clüsterfünke Christmas

Ana Gasteyer, Vella Lovell and Rachel Dratch ind And Clüsterfünke jul
Photo: Comedy Central

Ana Gasteyer and Rachel Dratch are Christmas movie connoisseurs. After a lifetime of Lifetime and Hallmark holiday films, ex Saturday Night Live stars have taken the genre’s well-trodden tropics and “gifted” them to the world as And Clüsterfünke jul, a brand new parody they co-wrote for Comedy Central.

A loving ode to the Christmas season, And Clüsterfünke jul cheerfully heralds many of the familiar beats from the made-for-TV environment. There is Type-A that seems stiff (Crazy ex-girlfriend‘s Vella Lovell), who has no place in their schedule for the holiday spirit, the delicate little townman (30 Rock‘s Cheyenne Jackson), living and breathing Christmas, and the intricate plot that could just bring these two polar opposites together, which revolve around the titular Clüsterfünke Inn, run by two spinster sisters (Gasteyer and Dratch) high on their own peppermint supply.

Ahead of the film’s premiere on December 4, we brought Gasteyer and Dratch together for a special “Holiday Edition” of Stock Photo Cinema, a game in which we challenge some of our favorite stars to come up with the stories behind the strangest stock photos on the internet. This time, the duo brought a bit of holiday magic (and quite a few holiday movie tropes) to a series of festive – but no less strange – images. You can watch the video below:

Or, if you prefer to read some riffs, you can watch a featured passage from Gasteyer and Dratch’s series of Stock Photo Cinema below. Here is one of the pictures they were given the task:

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Photo: Christophe Kiciak (Getty Images)

Ana Gasteyer: Yes, it’s like this The borrowers, or as a Honey I Shrunk The Kids kind of thing.

Rachel Dratch: Oh, that’s good! Oh my god, you’re so good at this.

AG: He fell – something happened where he drank the wrong eggnog and he fell into a Christmas stocking. And now he lives inside a magical Christmas world. And until he finds out the spirit of Christmas, he will not be set free.

RD: [Laughs.] Wow! I would say it’s a guy who lives in a person’s basement who used all the green light because he likes it that way. And he has –

AG: It’s a little dark!

RD: He has a lot of posters from Spencer’s that are on the other wall you can not see.

AG: Yes, he has a black light so he can see if there is blood on the decoration.

RD: Well, it’s just his big training ball, but he does not want to use it.

AG: It’s a scary Christmas Dexter.

RD: Because his mother lives upstairs and his mother is trying to get him to train, and he says, “No, I do not. No. Get this up the stairs again. No, I’m not celebrating Christmas.”

AG: Back to Dexter theme.

RD: But I liked Anas a lot better.

AG: Mine was a little more hopeful.

RD: I have to get out of reality to be able to do this.

AV Club: Rachel, I would say I also sensed some darkness in this. And I think it’s because it’s all just wrapped up in a way that’s a little disturbing.

AG: Well, it’s a murder scene. I mean, there’s no doubt about it!

And Clüsterfünke juls premieres at Comedy Central on December 4th. Go here for a complete guide for all of this season’s holiday movies.


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