Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider-Man to meet Hardy’s anti-hero

Fans are calling for more with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, and his Web-Slinger would be the perfect Peter Parker to fight Tom Hardy in Venom 3.

Warning: Spoilers on Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Tom Hardy’s Venom is a central character in Sony’s Spider-Man villain universe, and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man is the perfect Web-Slinger for him to meet. Gift 3. Hardy debuted as Eddie Brock in 2018 Married and repeated the role in its 2021 successor Venom: Let there be carnage. Despite Venom being one of Spider-Man’s most famous and popular villains, the peculiarities of his film series, located outside the Marvel Cinematic Universe, have so far barred him from having a confrontation with Spidey.

The final credit scene off Let there be bloodshed planted the seeds for one when Eddie and Venom were transported into the MCU, where Venom watched Tom Holland’s Spider-Man get his identity revealed on television. However, Spider-Man: No Way Home did not end up setting this up, with Eddie and Venom sent back to their world after a brief stint at MCU. However, there are several Web-Slingers in the multiverse, and Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker brings several benefits of being the Spidey that Hardy’s Venom is associated with.


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Like Hardy, Garfield appears in Spider-Man: No Way Home via The Multiverse, though in a much more significant role as one of the film’s heroes alongside Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Men. Since Garfield’s Spider-Man is specifically a Sony version of the character, there would be fewer hangers to jump through to make such a Spidey-Venom encounter happen than with Holland’s version. There is also some support for the idea that Garfield is returning after No way home.

After the release of No way home, fans have started urging Sony to bring Garfield back The Amazing Spider-Man 3 on social media. Although no future Spider-Man movie with Garfield has been announced yet, Multiverse is shown in No way home, along with Garfield’s return to the movie, now makes non-MCU Spider-Man movies possible on Sony’s part. Sony already has several Marvel-based projects on the way apart Married movies, including Morbius and The Hunter The Collar, and Garfield’s return could give the studio the chance to build something like the Spider-Man universe The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was unable to get off the ground.

Garfield makes a cameo in Gift 3 could be a starting point for his Spider-Man to meet Hardy’s Venom, nor do they necessarily have to be enemies. In the comics, Venom has teamed up with Spider-Man on several occasions, most notably in Maximum carnage history. With Eddie Brock, who had wanted to find Spider-Man in his No way home appearance that meeting someone other than Hollands could deliver on this concept, where the two became allies against another villain it never used before the Hobgoblin. Furthermore, since Garfield’s Peter Parker is the version that tells jokes with the most frequent, his and Venom’s views could mix quite well. Spider-Man: No Way Home opened up many opportunities for the various Wall-Crawlers in the Multiverse, and Garfield’s Spidey returns to cross paths with Hardy in Gift 3 could be the perfect benefit for both of them.

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