Ann Coulter: The message of the polls: Trump is done

Our media is obsessed with Donald Trump, but Trumps obsessed with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida. For months, Trump has been playing the aging silent film star Norma Desmond in “Sunset Boulevard” for DeSantis’ younger, more beautiful Betty Schaefer.

In the middle of hours, annoying group emails to Trump’s list – “YOU are one of my TOP supporters!” – there was one from Roger Stone on November 2, 2021, who condemned DeSantis.

The insults sounded a lot like that, Trump used to say about Stone: “Ron’s own piss-poor campaign …”, “without really delivering on his Trump-like rhetoric …”, “Governor DeSantis has failed …” and so on.

The title of this diatribe was: “WILL RON DESANTIS TAKE THE PROMISE?” Can you guess what the “promise” is? That’s right: not to challenge Trump as president in 2024.

Just because it was “from” Stone, a smart guy who sadly bowed to Trump’s altar, I opened it. Then I shook my head and erased it.

Apparently, others responded to Trump’s email list with more annoyance.

A week later, Stone issued a follow-up email that feverishly backfired, noting that “many” recipients of his most recent email were “surprised” by his attack on DeSantis. The crow-eating letter ended with begging Stone’s critics to “please take a moment to read what I’ve actually said …”

It must have been a setback!

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis smiles during a news conference in Miami on January 9, 2019. (AP Photo / Wilfredo Lee)

Nobody wants Trump. He fades faster than Sarah Palin did – and she was second on a lost presidential ticket. If you can not remember, for Three years after that loss, Palin packed stadiums with dozens of thousands of Trump-like fans.

But know 2011, even she – a far wiser politician than Trump did does not spend her time whining about the last choice, tumbling in self-pity or supporting candidates because they once said something nice about her golf course – had faded. She was funny, but Republicans began to think seriously about the 2012 presidential election.

Trump is already two years ahead of Palin’s fade-out schedule. After his dubious endorsements this year have resulted in losses following defeat in the midterm elections that should be a landslide for the GOP, he will be just as popular as the former Missouri Rep. Todd Akin.

As many Republicans will bitterly remember, Trump already has lost two Senate seats for Republicans in the 2021 runoff in Georgia. So far this year, he’s on the verge of losing – at least – another one Senate race in Georgia, as well as the governor’s mansion.

Sure, thousands of people show up for his highly publicized rallies, but they’re all exactly the same people. His die-hard fans – or, as he calls them, “future Trump University students” – are like Deadheads, follows him from venue to venue and dresses wildly costumes and listen to the same songs.

Some conservatives who would never vote for Trump again wear MAGA hats, but that’s just an identity mark, just like liberals wear masks. Trump happens to be the last Republican president, and the media is losing their minds over him. Wearing a “Trump” hat is the most effective way to say, “Turn it on, media.”

That’s why the media’s neurotic fixation on Trump is confusing to normal people. TV hosts keep telling us that Trump is wildly popular – the 2024 nomination is his request! – but the facts on the spot suggest otherwise.

President Donald Trump walks across the southern lawn of the White House after returning from a demonstration in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on June 21, 2020. (AP Photo / Patrick Semansky)

It turns out that the media is using a handshake to claim that Trump is popular among Republicans.

Nate Silver’s respected website fivethirtyeight recently announced: “Republicans remain loyal to Trump even after the January 6 attack,” citing a poll that shows Trump’s Republican approval of nearly 80 percent.

But there is much more to the story. That vote allows readers to see Trump’s approval not only among all voters (-14 percent), but among specific subgroups of all voters: men, women, blacks, Hispanics, and whites, as well as any combination of these demographic subgroups. And get this: Trump does not have as much as 25 percent net approval among any subgroup – other than “Republicans.”

Women has a negative net 24 percent positive attitude towards Trump. Okay, fine, women do not like him. Show me “men”. Men has a negative net 3 percent positive attitude towards Trump. It’s pretty much a complete set. Who’s left?

I tried whites – the base of the Republican Party (and the demographics that determine each election, despite the unwavering convictions of GOP donors). White has a measly 4 percent net positive attitude toward Trump.

We are running out of demographics that like Trump.

Maybe it was the massive Latin American voice for Trump that I’ve heard so much about! Hispanics: negative 44 percent net favorable for Trump. Sort of? Negative 85 percent net favorable.

White men? Fourteen percent net positive attitude towards Trump. (It will not even win you, Alabama, Republicans.)

Non-college graduates? Negative 12 percent net favorable.

What about non-college educated white men? The beating heart of the Trump base is only 23 percent net favorable to Trump.

So how is that possible 77 percent of “Republicans” – net – have a positive attitude towards Trump? There is no other subgroup of voters who have a third of it.

The only explanation is that very many Republicans now call themselves “independent”.

Huh. Why can that be?

Maybe it’s because, day in, day out, the media tells us that GOP is “Trumps party”! This has apparently led many Republicans to conclude that they must not be Republicans after all. (At least among the Republicans contacted by these pollsters. I assume they had no respondents in Florida, where the “Republican” has a much more favorable connotation.)

Thanks to media lies, the only ones calling themselves “Republicans” these days are Trump-die-hards. In other words, the blockbuster conclusion of this poll is: Trump die-hards sum Trump!

Yes – and they are the only ones who do. While Trump fanatics are actually fanatics, everyone else is tired of his nonsense.

Give voters a populist conservative who is not a scam and a liar and they will be “Republicans” again. No wonder Trump hates DeSantis.

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