ANTM’s Sarah Hartshorne reveals how much models were paid

ANTM Alum Sarah Hartshorne shares alleged contributory salaries

Sarah Hartshorne Lent by Sarah Hartshorne / Instagram

Expresses oneself. Several years after competing on the ninth season of America’s next top model, Sarah Hartshorne opens up about how much she – and other participants – have reportedly received in the reality show.

“$ 40 a day, no leftovers and we had to pay for food,” the comedian, 34, tweeted Monday, November 29, after a social media user called up a former host Tyra Banks and ANTME judges for “doing banking” when the participants apparently did not.

Hartshorne’s Twitter the thread has since gone viral as fans of the competition series have chimed in on their thoughts.

“Tyra needs to be brought up for this,” one user wrote. “I’m tired of these ‘She’s a businesswoman’ / ‘They made a reality show’ excuses. There’s no reason to deliberately traumatize and trigger young women for millions of dollars. I do not care what they signed or ‘agreed to’. ‘ to.”

Hartshorne also added via Twitter Tuesday, November 30: “Lmaooo imagine thinking this is news for a bitch who was literally on a show where A WHOLE ASS PANEL judged us on our looks, our clothes, our posture, our everything.”

The Massachusetts native doubled his stance in an Instagram video released Wednesday, Dec. 1, noting: “I never said I hated [ANTM]. The tweet that has everyone up in the emotions is literally just numbers and facts. I do not hate the show. I’m glad I did. I also think we should have been paid… and I think that is fair. ”

ANTM Alum Sarah Hartshorne shares alleged contributory salaries 2

Sarah Hartshorne Lent by Sarah Hartshorne / Instagram

While Hartshorne noted that it was “valid” for others to “undo” their tenure in the CW-turned-VH1 competition, she claimed she had a different experience.

“I just want to say that I think it’s really beautiful that you love the show and Tyra so much that this touches you so much,” she told fans in her video. “I hope you bring that passion to everything in your life, but I also hope you can come to a reconciliation and a sense of peace with the fact that something you loved was harmful to other people.”

Earlier this year, Lisa D’Amato who appeared in seasons 5 and 17 of ANTME – discussed her own salary while competing on the show.

“They do not feed you enough,” revealed the season 17 champion, 41, during an interview in April on the YouTube series “Unwine With Tasha K,” in which he discussed the scholarships the participants allegedly received. “We had a small unemployment benefit, but so many girls sent their money home.… We got $ 45 a day or something and then we had to pay for all our own groceries. I fought for it and I thought, ‘You give me $ 45 a day to pay for my own food, but I still have to pay rent, just like we’re here for two months. ‘ I got all of us that $ 200 extra each for food, so the unemployment benefits were just extra if we wanted to buy extra things. “

Neither Dance with the stars the host, 47, or the show has publicly addressed the latest allegations, but the model competition came under fire earlier for some of its challenges. In May 2020, viewers criticized Model country author to choose photoshoot themes that would now be seen as problematic, including one where participants got darker skin.

Banks tweeted an apology at the time he wrote: “Have seen the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTME moments and I agree with you. Looking back, those were some really bad choices. Appreciate your honest feedback and send so much love and virtual hugs. ”

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