Artist shows what Cuphead would look like if the game was based on different cartoons

Head was released in 2017 and it quickly became a hit as an exclusive title for Xbox and PC. One of the reasons for the buzz around the game was its eye-catching art style. Recently, a talented artist came up with the idea of ​​recreating the titular character in other iconic comic book styles from the past.

In a post on TikTok, a user known as Austin Light shared a collection of drawings based on Head. What made these images stand out was that each of them created the main character based on a different era in comic book history. While the original art for the character was influenced by classic cartoons from the 1930s, these new drawings managed to reinvent Cuphead in various art styles.


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The first Cuphead redesign shown in the video was from the 1980s. This version had a much taller and more muscular appearance when the artist said that most cartoon characters from the era looked “unnecessarily pale and wore strange overalls.” Following this design, a picture of the 1990s-inspired Cuphead was seen. According to Austin Light, some of the inspiration for this drawing came from Animaniacs, Clean and Stimpy Show, and Tiny Toon Adventures.

In the early 2000s, the Cuphead had a shorter and more blocky appearance. The artist commented that the look was similar to what is found in The rather strange parents. The video then revealed a picture of Cuphead reminiscent of the show Adventure Time, where Austin Light noted that characters from that show did not have a nose. After this image, a picture of Cuphead from the 2010s was shown made primarily of objects from the real world. According to the artist, this peculiar design was based on shows such as The amazing world of Gumball and Pickle and peanut. As an extra, the creator even threw in a picture of the anime Cuphead.

In addition to sharing these different designs for Cuphead, Austin Light revealed that the inspiration for the project came from his son. He said his son loved Head and often played the game. According to the creator, the game was like playing through a cartoon.

This video showing different designs for Cuphead has become popular among gamers. At the time of writing, this clip has reached over 432,000 views and 91,000 likes on TikTok. In addition to these impressive redesigns, many more videos based on drawing popular video game characters can be found on the TikTok account of Austin Light. Some of the other characters he has drawn include the popular Sonic the Hedgehog and Banjo and Kazooie. In addition, he has made designs for Marvel characters and even Garfield.

With these redesigns of Cuphead now complete, it will be interesting to see what other characters the creator decides to draw next time. Maybe he will try to recreate the Devil’s boss, the main antagonist from the game.

Head is available for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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