Astroworld Festival: Funeral in progress for victims as dozens of lawsuits are filed over the tragedy

Rodriguez was a junior at Heights High School in Houston, according to her family. Her funeral will be at the La Paz Memorial Funeral Home in Houston.

“Dancing was her passion, and now she’s dancing her way to the pearly gates of heaven,” according to a verified GoFundMe account created by her family.

Concertgoers have described the crowd crush as being as scary as a “death trap”, many thought they would not come out alive. Those in attendance began pushing toward the stage when Scott came on, they said.

“This was not a concert, it was a struggle for survival,” participant Jeffrey Schmidt told CNN.

Authorities have not released the causes of death for the victims, saying it could take weeks. Meanwhile, the investigation into how the deadly infatuation unfolded is still ongoing.

A guard will be held to honor Brianna Rodriguez on Wednesday at Heights High School in Houston.
With about 50,000 attendees, the event’s security measures have been investigated. A number of lawsuits have been filed against Scott, the festival organizer and others involved by the families of the victims and the survivors.
On Friday, attorney Ben Crump, along with a coalition of Houston attorneys, announced that they represent more than 200 victims who attended the festival and have filed more than 90 lawsuits at Harris County Civil Court against promoter Live Nation and others involved in the fatal event.

“Some of these victims have been catastrophically injured,” Crump said, asking for continued prayers for his 9-year-old client, who remains in a coma.

Houston officials have pointed to the artist and others involved in the event as responsible for the chaos that unfolded that night.

Scott has said he was unaware of what was happening in the crowd during his set – and disputes city officials’ account of his responsibility in the tragic events.

New details emerge

Although several reports say that the worst increase in volume occurred around noon. 21.00 CT on November 5, red flags were seen much earlier in the day.

Shortly after the festival starts at By 9 a.m., spectators had already broken through the main gate, according to the handwritten logs that CNN had received last Friday.

At least eight further breaches would be reported during the day, with 3,000 to 5,000 concert-goers “not scanned” into the venue at 6 p.m. 17.05, shows the log files.

Deadly Astroworld Festival got out of control for hours, Houston shows FD logs

The logs show that several participants were injured and taken to the hospital morning and afternoon. And shortly before noon. At 5 p.m., the Houston Police Department reported “dangerous crowds” at one point.

Eight minutes before Scott took the stage at 9 p.m., more than 260 people had already been treated, according to the logs, which did not specify the type of treatment. And a post at. 21.18 noted a “crush injury.”

Less than half an hour into Scott’s performance, the log reads: “It was here that it all came true.”

“Several people trampled, fainted in front of the stage” at. 21.33, police reported. Shortly afterwards, a police operator reported five 911 calls about “unconscious people in the crowd. Report on possible CPR.”

An incident with mass accidents was reported at. 21:52, shows the log files. From 10pm to about 11.40pm, 17 people had been sent to hospitals, including at least six people with cardiac arrest.

Lawyer says Scott did not know of a mass accident statement

It is unclear what Scott saw from the stage and whether he was aware of the audience conditions, but he continued to perform until around 6 p.m. 22.10.

Scott did not know about the mass accident statement or the full extent of what had happened until the following morning, his attorney said Friday.

“This (mass accident statement) never reached Travis, it never reached Travis’ crew,” attorney Ed McPherson told ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

“He’s up there trying to perform. He has no ability to know what’s going on downstairs.”

Scott was “on a lift at one point and he sees a boy down … stops the show, [and] he asked for security to get to that person, McPherson tells ABC.

“Understand it when he’s up on stage and he has flashpots going on around him and he has an ear monitor that has music blowing through it and his own voice – he can not hear anything, he can not see anything “, McPherson added.

A funeral is planned for the victims

Scott has said he was devastated by the tragedy, adding that he will cover all funeral costs for the victims as well as help fund mental health care for those affected.

At least two funerals were held before Saturday, and more are planned over the next week, according to family members and notices posted by various funeral companies.

The funeral of Danish Baig, 27, who died trying to save his fiancée, was held Nov. 7 in Colleyville, Texas, his brother, Basil Baig, told CNN.

Another brother, Mirza Ammar Baig, said that Danish had planned to buy a house for their parents before the end of the month.

After Astroworld, music festivals face a new study on audience safety

“It’s unbearable. It’s indescribable,” he said of his brother’s death. “I’m the older brother, but he was the older brother to me. He led this family in a direction I could not have done in any other way … To wake up and not be able to hear his voice, to touch him, to kiss him, to tell him how much we love him, it’s not going to happen anymore. And the way he left this world is not just that. “

On Friday, the funeral of Rodolfo Peña, a 23-year-old student at Laredo College, was held Friday in Laredo, according to the funeral home.
“Although Rudy had many positive qualities, the one quality that stood out above all the rest was his infectious, warming, sincere smile,” reads his obituary.

CNN’s Keith Allen, Melissa Alonso, Ray Sanchez, Jason Hanna, Rosa Flores and Ed Lavandera contributed to this report.


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