Attack on Titan: Why Eren tells Mikasa that he hates her

Eren Yaeger was a terrorist in Attack On Titan season 4, but he crosses a line by telling Mikasa that he hates her. Why should Eren do such a thing?

Why does Eren Yaeger tell Mikasa that he “always hated“her in Attack on Titan season 4? Eren Yaeger is not your typical anime protagonist. Since Attack on Titan season 4 began, the fully grown Eren has manipulated a young boy, decimated a city full of innocent families, had one of his closest friends killed and instigated a coup. But Eren’s most heinous crime comes during the long-awaited confrontation between Eren and the two people he loves most – Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert.

When he meets for the first time since the Yaegerists took over Paradise Island, Eren cruelly accuses Mikasa of being biologically attached to him. The Ackerman clan was genetically engineered to protect, and when the latent force awakens, they have no choice but to obey (according to Eren).


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Eren also claims that Mikasa blindly follows him around because he triggered her first transformation when the Ackerman family was killed, and now she is forced to serve him. Given how close Eren and Mikasa have always been, this brutal disguise is one of the most shocking moments in Attack on Titan story, but why does Eren do it?

Why Eren says he hates Mikasa in Attack on Titan

Mikasa and Attack on Titan

Eren hates Mikasa’s alleged lack of free will, he claims always hated her for having no freedom. Eren points to Mikasa’s headaches as proof that her Ackerman bloodline is the only thing holding them together. Assuming Honor’s words are honest, hating Mikasa is an extension of his incessant determination to end the submission of Eldians in all necessary ways. Ever since he was a young boy, Eren has longed to be free, but his definition of “freedom” has adapted markedly along the way. After discovering the truth of the world, Eren came to believe that freedom meant taking extreme, genocidal measures. It is natural that Eren would hate anyone who willingly accepts to be a slave to their bloodline without showing the same willingness to let go that he possesses – even someone as close to him as Mikasa.

But Eren’s anti-Ackerman accusations do not agree. Ackermans was bred to protect the Fritz / Reiss family, and not only is Eren non-royal, he did not possess Founding Titan when Mikasa “woke up”. Moreover, no other Ackermans in Attack on Titan exhibit the same kind of devotion to a single person that Mikasa does towards Eren. Levi and Kenny both take orders, but only as much as any other soldier Attack on Titan. Levi never fell over Erwin, nor did he change his hair because Erwin mentioned preferring a particular style. Levi also does not experience the same common headaches as Mikasa does, suggesting that the symptom is unique to her. A more likely trigger for Mikasa’s headache is that her loved ones die or are in serious danger, as it is when they always occur (eg after Eren is eaten for the first time, or when Armin is grilled thanks to the colossal titanium ).

Does Eren really hate Mikasa in Attack on Titan?

Eren and Attack on Titan

Does the possibility that Eren is lying about hating Mikasa entertain what motivation he could have for being so hard on someone who has been by his side for so long? As Eren is on his way to an inevitable encounter with Zeke, the landscape in Attack on Titan going to get messy. Whatever his intentions, Eren may not want Mikasa and Armin to rush to his side and get caught up in the cruelty he is committing. Eren tells Mikasa that he hates her and that beating Armin could be a tactic to prevent them from supporting him – as they did in Attack on Titan season 1, when his Attack Titan forces first manifested.

The reverse psychology perhaps runs even deeper. Eren tells Mikasa that he hates her, and slaps Armin tacitly urges his friends to fight him without holding back Attack on Titanlast match. Both characters have desperately stood up for their misguided friend through season 4, but Eren’s plan may depend on Mikasa and Armin fighting him with intent to kill. Will Eren want Mikasa and Armin to meet him on the battlefield without regret? And could he only secure it by behaving contemptuously towards them? Or does Eren really hate Mikasa at the end of it Attack on Titan?

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