Banksy’s most critically important and politically charged works of art – commemorating 9/11 – will be auctioned off as an NFT

Gloss, the team behind the world’s largest art and media company, is bringing the physical work of art into the digital universe with its first NFT titled ‘Warning Sign’.
The team gives a lucky bidder the opportunity to purchase the 1/1 warning sign NFT.

The proprietor of Banksy Warning Sign NFT will also receive a 5% stake in the original artwork known as ‘Banksy, Warning Sign, 2006’. The original work of art has been independently valued at between $ 2,000,000 – $ 3,000,000 and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Banksy’s authentication arm, Pest Control. This combination of NFT and ‘real’ utility is a world-first offering in the NFT art space and will intertwine the physical art world with digital art.

A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of the Banksy Warning Sign NFT will be donated to the Fire Department New York Foundation. The represent New York firefighters who were the first responders on 9/11. Manyone of these men and women lost his life to save others on that terrible day.

Gloss created an NFT that is a re-elaboration and digitization of the original work of art it owns. It is an installation consisting of a CGI video production created with a team of talented artists. The work was created using photogrammetry to take scans of the original work. These scans replicate the original work and create a digital twin that will be contained in the blockchain for all eternity in the form of an NFT. NFT will stand as a time capsule of one of Banksy’s largest works of art in digital format.

NFT opens with the redeveloped digitization of the warning sign’s artwork, which was once a ‘roads divergent’ traffic sign. Banksy changed this image to create 2 vertical lines representing the Twin Towers of NYC. Banksy then added a stencil of a small plane to the left of the vertical lines representing the plane that was deliberately flown into the Twin Towers on 9/11. This act of terrorism was intended to create terror throughout NYC and eliminate the country’s innocence. In the end, the terrorists failed in this mission as NYC and the rest of the country came together to become a stronger and more united people.

NFT symbolizes this solidarity in a visual way – as the sign completes its 360-degree rotation, the plane disappears to the left of the building and a flock of pigeons flies in an upward direction from the buildings. Each pigeon has its own unique flight pattern as it leaves the building, representing the uniqueness and individuality of each of the lost lives.

Gloss said: “Given that Warning Sign is one of Banksy’s most critically important and politically charged works of art, we wanted to create a whole new level of access and democratization to the work of art so that other people could enjoy it as well. We want everyone to be able to participate – whether they have traditional art knowledge or crypto knowledge – so that they can experience art and NFTs in a completely new way. ”

In a tribute to Banksy’s viral documentary titled EXIT THE GIFT SHOP, Gloss created their own question and answer style documentary about NFT, titled EXIT THRUGH THE NFT:

Banksy Warning Sign NFT is currently being auctioned on OpenSea and ends at. 16 ET (NYC time) Sunday, December 5th.

Go to for more information and to bid on this unique NFT.

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