Batman can only save Gotham by becoming its daredevil

Warning: spoilers for Detective Comics # 1047 are ahead.

Fear is a central part of both Batman and vovehals‘s characters in DC Comics and Marvel Comics. Batman seeks to embody fear by disguising himself as an object of his own personal childhood fears, while Daredevil’s title “Man Without Fear” stems from his physical vulnerability as well as his willingness to accept opponents who are much stronger than himself. In the past, the two characters have been compared to each other as they are two heroes at street level who are deeply invested in achieving some form of justice in the corrupt cities they live in. But with Batman’s latest comics, his similarities to Daredevil have never been more important in rescuing Gotham City.


A crucial event that set in motion Infinite limit the era was the explosion and destruction of Arkham Asylum. With many of Batman’s villains either dead, escaped, or somewhere in between, Gotham City has struggled to find a solution to both its mental crisis and its lack of rehab centers. Arkham City: World Order # 4 from Dan Watters, Dani and Dave Stewart and Detective comics # 1047 Mariko Tamaki, Ivan Reis, Danny Miki, Brad Anderson and Ariana Maher paved the way for the opening of a new facility called the Arkham Tower, which unlike its asylum predecessor is located in the middle of the city. Gotham Mayor Nakano believes that by not hiding the city’s most troubled away, Gotham has the chance to heal its citizens instead of demonizing them.

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That said, this transition has not been easy, as there is a culture of fear around Arkham, which remains deeply rooted in its citizens on the outside, which Arkham City has detailed. Even after the events of Fear state, it seems that the Goths cannot shake the worries they have about those they consider to be deviant. This has resulted in innocent people being mistaken for former Arkham prisoners and the attack on the street. And while Mayor Nakano’s actions are not quite in the same boat as the Goths attacking people for their own idiosyncrasies, it’s clear that his reason for building Arkham Tower and pushing a miracle treatment plan emerges from the same place of fear.

Batman fights the Joker in Arkham Asylum in Detective Comics # 1047.

In this way, Batman’s similarities with Daredevil have never been more important, as Dark Knight must truly become the Man Without Fear if he is to save his city from its worst impulses. Batman has been on this track since the end of Fear state, which he admitted to Scarecrow in Batman: Fear: Omega # 1 that he no longer fears for Gotham’s future (written by James Tynion IV, art by Riccardo Federici, Christian Duce, Ryan Benjamin, Guillem March, Trevor Hairsine, colors by Chris Sotomayor, letters by Clayton Cowles). While fear may be the creation of Batman’s essence as a superhero, his current comic book era in Infinite limit shows how heroic he is for growing Besides the quality.

Batman needs Daredevil’s understanding of human complexity.

Batman and Daredevil

Batman’s growth beyond fear is necessary for Gotham City’s survival in the wake of the A-Day attacks in Infinite limit, as its people have become more frightened and irrational than ever. With the escape of Arkham’s prisoners on the street, Gothamites are overwhelmed by how the division between “the insane” and “the insane” has been broken down, literally, by the destruction of the asylum. This is where Batman’s call to action as Gotham’s Man Without Fear is crucial to keeping the city together: instead of breathing into the fire of that fear through intimidation, Batman must now model a rational and methodical way to solve one of the city’s longest lasting problems. on. .

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Another quality of Daredevil that Batman will have to embody is his complex understanding of human behavior. As a lawyer and outspoken critic of the justice system, Matt Murdock believes that people are not born in themselves criminals – they are often systemically placed in difficult living conditions, which in turn leads them down a path they would not normally choose. Similarly, people in Gotham City confuse evil with mental illness, and by placing Arkham Asylum on the outskirts of the city, they were led to believe that they had contained evil far away from themselves. IN Detective comics # 1047, journalist Deb Donovan tells Batwoman: “Believing you can stop evil has proven to be its own deadly delusion in Gotham City many times over.” With Gotham, Batman has to work through the fact that evil is a ubiquitous force that affects everyone, and by selecting people with mental illness, Gothamitter loses sight of this reality.

After rehabilitating himself in a state of dread, Batman has the chance to rehabilitate Gotham.

Batman admits he no longer fears Gotham in Batman Fear State Omega # 1.

One of the most satisfying pieces of Fear state event was Batman’s admission that he no longer looks at his city with a sense of dread. Instead of believing that humans are imbued with static qualities, Batman believes that humans can change for the better, as evidenced by his conversation with Scarecrow in Fear: Omega: “I’ve seen through some of my old ways. I have rules, scarecrow. And in my city, my rules will be obeyed … But people can always change. They can always get better.” This is an idea that seems to be one of the guiding principles behind his characterization in Infinite limit. Although fear was certainly the creation of his character, it has now become a force he actively fights in Gotham City.

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The question now to The shadows of the bat bow ind Detective comics is whether he can help rehabilitate the rest of the city. This fundamentally changes the relationship Batman is expected to have with Gotham. Instead of acting from a place of punishment, he is on his way to help it heal from its oldest wounds. His words in Fear: Omega get this specific idea: “I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings. I want to save everyone as it’s in my power to save, but that’s all I can do. And that does not scare me.” Like Daredevil, Batman now has a vision for how things go able to be for the city, making this trip a satisfying trip for him.

Daredevil Batman

Batman and Daredevil are two characters whose heroism is commensurate with the needs of their city. As two characters at street level, Batman and Daredevil are bound by their limitations as heroes in their struggle to improve their cities. In order to truly help Gotham City, Batman will have to break away from his doom and gloomy reputation in order to trade from a place without fear. The reality that Batman understands is that evil can never really be eradicated from society. It’s impossible to ever achieve that, and by knowing this truth, Batman has a level of clarity about Gotham that its leaders desperately need.

As Batman’s experience has shown, there is no single cure for evil in Gotham. Nakano’s support for Arkham Tower suggests that the city believes that a miracle breakthrough for mental health will cut the root of all evil. Fear state illustrated the physical cost of approaching evil from a place of fear, and if Batman wants to free Gotham from its basic instincts, then he must become the Man Without Fear just like that vovehals.

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