Best Nickelodeon cartoon to watch on a snowy day

A long time ago, Nickelodeon’s The rather strange parents could make pizza and yetis go well together while the high ego of Jimmy Neutron’s Adventure: Boy Genius‘s boy genius could cause the next ice age. The following cartoon episode throwbacks, right from the weird comedy of Cat dog to pre-teen drama of As told by Ginger, all share one thing in common. They create the winter wonderland of animated Nickelodeon channels.

So when the next big storm blows through and the snowstorm doesn’t start, you can take a break from the stress of finding a great place to get comfortable and rewind time with these classic Nickelodeon setbacks.

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Spongebob Squarepants – Season 3, Episode 6: “Snowball Effect”

snowball effect_46
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An iceberg floats above the sea surface on Bikini Bottom. Next morning, SpongeBob (Tom Kenny) and Patrick (Bill Fagerbakke) are quick to get into a snowball fight, much to the annoyance of Squidward (Rodger Bumpass). Their moody neighbor will just sit by his fire and squeeze a slice of lemon into his tea. It does not take long before Squidward also goes out in the cold.

This is not the first time that Bikini Bottom is covered in snow. But while snow was usually limited to Sandy’s wooden dome, it was only a matter of time before the underwater metropolis was hit. The inconsistent “rules” regarding Spongebob Squarepants turned out to be comedy gold. This episode also revealed a major weakness for Plankton, just before he plans to “harness its energy and rule the world” – accumulated snowfall.


The rather strange parents – Season 3, Episode 31: “Snow Bound”

rather odd parents snowbound
Image via Nickelodeon

Mrs. Turner (Susanne Blakeslee) lies to her husband about taking care of a sick relative at the nearby ski resort. It’s all so friends and herself can enjoy a “Just Moms Weekend”. But after Mr. Turner (Daran Norris) sees a news bulletin for an abominable snowman, he hurries his wife to the rescue. He takes Timmy with him (Tara Strong) and awful babysitter Vicky (Gray DeLisle), but it goes wrong when an avalanche catches the two.

The identity of the abominable snowman is likely to make you hungry for a little pizza, and that’s a signature Fairly Odd Parents reveal. Like the main theme of the show, this episode focuses on Timmy and his problems. He will have to live without Cosmo and Wanda one day, so he will have to figure out his own solutions without them, as in this episode where they get frozen solid.

Hi Arnold! – Season 1, Episode 12: “Snow”

hi arnold sne
Image via Nickelodeon

As the first storm of the season hits the town of Hillwood, Arnold (Lane Toran) can not enjoy the day thanks to Grandpa Phil (Dan Castellaneta). The Sunset Arms guest house also needs care. Grandpa’s to-do list of packing the pipes, cleaning the garage and salting the sidewalk does not fit well with Arnold’s hopes of sledding, igloo building and carving ice sculptures.

Only in the third season is it even brought up why Arnold only lives with his grandparents. The mystery was finally solved during the latest film, which helped tie loose ends to the series’ original course. Here, so grumpy as Grandpa Phil may be, while doing errands around the boarding house, he comes to the conclusion that he, too, was once a child. Arnold should enjoy some freedom.

My life as a teenage robot – Season 1, Episode 6: “Doom with a View”

my life as a teenage robot
Image via Nickelodeon

In the town of Tremorton, Jenny (Janice Kawaye) wants to enjoy building snow forts with siblings Brad (Chad Doreck) and Tucker (Audrey Wasilewski). The sudden arrival of a red bug-like robot puts the brakes on it. It’s a Cluster bot, and it’s here to wreak havoc. Like a hard mistake, squash is not easy, and Brad and Tucker get stuck in the middle of the two robots.

As typical of one Teenage Robot episode, all Jenny wants to do is experience life as an ordinary teenager. But it’s not that simple, as Jenny is anything but ordinary. She is created to save the world. The introduced Cluster robot is the debut on the planet Cluster Prime, which would become an antagonistic force against the people of Earth with Jenny as its protector.

Avatar: The Last Airbender – Book 1, Chapter 18: “The Waterbending Master”

avatar the last airbender
Image via Nickelodeon

After detours and adventures, Aang (Zach Tyler Iron) and the gang finally reaches the Northern Water Tribe. Here, the Avatar hopes to learn from an expert water flexion master, but that lesson comes with a price. Katara (Mae Whitman), always Aang’s biggest supporter, finds out that she is not allowed to attend classes. In this strain, female waterbenders are resigned to being healers, not fighters.

As the penultimate episode of Book One, there are many recalls of previous episodes in Book One. The swords of Zuko’s ship (“The Blue Spirit”). The pirates that the main trio fought against reappear (“The Waterbending Scroll”). More than that, the series shows once again why Katara as a character is so powerful and essential. Unlike her brother and Aang, she has to fight more to gain respect for herself, but she fights hard for it.

Jimmy Neutron’s fairy tale, Boy Genius – Season 1, Episode 6: “Jimmy on Ice”

jimmy neutron
Image via Nickelodeon

It’s a boiling summer day and Jimmy (Debi Derryberry) uses a brain blast to put a quick stop to it. He launches a rocket and successfully blocks the sun. A little too successful. The falling temperatures do not stop falling. It does not take long before Jimmy has caused a new ice age.

Broadcasting early in the series’ first season, where Jimmy does not use his high intelligence to stop chicken-worshiping aliens, his wisdom tends to get him in trouble. When that happens, Jimmy has to be just as quick to find solutions. But without his attempts to change the summer, the audience would not have had a trio of fathers gather for a hunt (“Uk, close, close yeah! Oooh, Caribou!”).

Rocket Power – Season 1, Episode 3: “Otto 3000”

rocket power
Image via Nickelodeon

While at a Sno-Mart competition, Otto’s (Joseph Ashton) snowboard snaps during training. When he is contacted with a sponsorship by a representative, the man promises all the success one could have. But Otto must accept to use only Sno-Mart equipment, not his father’s Rocket Power brand. It will soon be shared by Otto and his sister Reggie (Shayna Fox).

This show was a love letter to extreme sports, from skateboarding, surfing, street hockey and as in this episode, snowboarding. The opening theme alone sells the show’s X-sport concept, sung by appropriate names Wipeouterne. Before Fast and furious franchise popularized it as a meme, Rocket power focused on the importance of “family” along with action-oriented sports.

As told by Ginger – Season 1, Episode 13: “Blizzard Conditions”

as told by ginger
Image via Nickelodeon

When a bad snowstorm hits, Ginger (Melissa Disney) and her friends must rescue the spoiled rich children trapped in their limousine. Meanwhile, Ginger’s brother Carl (Jeannie Elias) gets the bright idea of ​​starting a carrier pigeon business. If the phone lines go down, Carl sees the dollar signs he can make. But the dog care he is stuck in goes south as the leash is found without the yapping dog.

From the opening scene, there is a subtle darkness touched on in this episode. Unlike other idyllic versions of snow, the storm here brings dangerous conditions. It makes sense since this was an animated series that was often based on realism. As told by Ginger remains a unique show in it showed a rare form of continuity, with characters growing emotionally and physically across each season. It was also all about more serious topics, such as depression and addiction.

Cat dog – Season 3, Episode 12: “Rinky Dinks”

Image via Nickelodeon

The town of Nearburg turns into a wintry tundra, and despite the lake being icy, Cat of CatDog (Jim Cummings and Tom Kenny) fears putting a single paw on it. When friends arrive as well as enemies, a challenge is made. Whoever wins an ice hockey match becomes the “owner” of the lake. To prove his bravery, Cat accepts the challenge.

As the country-twang of the opening theme begins, you may not be aware that it is close to two decades since this strange and lovable Nick cartoon was aired. There’s an abundance of random gags during “Rinky Dinks,” and that’s the charm of it Cat dog‘s arv. Anything can happen, which makes so much the more sense for a show about siblings from different animal species.

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It’s a battle of epic proportions.

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