BetMGM promotional code activates $ 200 holiday weekend bonus for NBA, NFL

As the holiday weekend approaches, potential players can get a sensational $ 200 bonus without a BetMGM promotional code for any NBA or NFL game. There are plenty of Black Friday offers when shoppers are looking for the best deals in retail stores, but any potential bettor looking for the best bonus offer in legal online sports betting can get started with this promotional offer from BetMGM.

New users who sign up for an account do not need a BetMGM promotional code to get a 20-1 odds boost on any NBA or NFL team to make a three-pointer or score a touchdown, respectively. This bonus will convey regardless of the final outcome of the game, although winning money line bets will also give players an extra win.

There are plenty of NBA games on the program this weekend, with 20 games scheduled between Friday and Saturday, as well as another five games on the Sunday roster. The NFL Week 12 offers for Sunday include 11 games. As such, there is ample opportunity to use either the NBA or NFL iteration of this promotion to earn a $ 200 bonus.

Click here to bet $ 10, win $ 200 if your NBA team makes a three-pointer or click here to bet $ 10, win $ 200 if your NFL team scores a touchdown without the need for a BetMGM promotional code.

Bet $ 10, win $ 200 three point bonus with no BetMGM promotional code required

There are a ton of games to apply a 20-1 odds boost to any NBA team to make a three-pointer. While many players may choose to go the NFL road with this promotion, there is the best value on the NBA side. Three-point field goal attempts have increased as the regular season approaches December, with all 30 NBA teams averaging at least 28.5 attempts from beyond the arc per game. match. In an astonishing development, the four teams with the most three-point field goal attempts have an average of at least 40 attempts per. match.

As such, a player could choose to throw a $ 10 bet on a team that puts a wild number of shots from downtown, the Minnesota Timberwolves (43.7), the Utah Jazz (42.3), the Golden State Warriors (41.5) and The Milwaukee Bucks (40.9) would be the best options. Those interested in accuracy should probably go with the Warriors, who averaged 15.2 three-pointers per game. match, which comes out to 41.5%.

Get a $ 200 bonus if your NFL team scores a touchdown

While the NBA offer is the best value, there is plenty of reason to believe that the NFL replay of this BetMGM promo will hit as well. NFL teams score touchdowns with such regularity that failure to do so becomes their own story. Keep in mind that this promo will pay out the $ 200 bonus as long as the NFL team scores a touchdown at the user’s choice, regardless of the outcome of the game.

That means if a player bets $ 10 on the New York Giants to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Giants score a TD, but the Eagles win the game, the $ 200 touchdown bonus would convey. If the player placed the same $ 10 bet on the Giants and they scored a touchdown and won the game, the player would win the $ 200 bonus as well as the earnings on the $ 10 cash line bet.

How to get this bonus without a BetMGM promotional code

Any potential bettor interested in the $ 10 bet winning the $ 200 bonus promotion will not need a BetMGM promotional code as long as they click on one of the links on this page. The registration process is straightforward and only takes a few minutes to complete.

  • Click on one of the links on this page to get started.
  • Fill in the required information fields to register with BetMGM.
  • Make your first deposit of $ 10 + to unlock the 20-1 odds boost.
  • Place your first $ 10 real money bet on the NBA or NFL team of your choice to win its game.

If your NBA or NFL team makes a three-pointer or scores a touchdown, respectively, you will earn a $ 200 bonus or lose. If your team wins, you will also earn a payout of $ 10 moneyline bet.

Bet $ 10, win $ 200 if your NBA team makes a three-pointer by clicking here, or Bet $ 10, win $ 200 if your NFL team scores a touchdown without any BetMGM promotional code being required when you click here.

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