Big Ed Brown reflects on previous breakups with Liz: I Was a Self-Obsessed Jerk!

This week, 90 days engaged fans finally got an official announcement that Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods are engaged.

They revealed that their on-again, off-again romance was more boring than anyone had realized.

Now they have more to tell about why they parted ways in the first place before reconciling.

Ed says they “hurried” things … and admits he was a terrible person, obsessed only with himself.

Big Ed Brown under siege

Big Ed Brown and Liz Woods spoke to People via PeopleTV’s Reality Check.

“The timing was not right and it was rushed,” he admitted.

Turning some of the blame on his current fiancĂ©, Ed added, “we both hurried with things.”

Big Ed Brown kisses Liz Woods

“I wanted to narrow it down to timing,” Ed continued of the breach earlier this year.

“And,” he added, “I was trying to move too fast.”

Ed says that after the break-up – when he broke up with her via text message a total of eight times – he went into therapy.

Liz Marie expresses her opinion on the beach to Big Ed Brown (The Single Life)

Ed’s goal was to cope with the breakup and improve himself, he claims.

This is difficult because on the one hand, we all want more toxic men to solve their problems with one therapist instead of inflicting them on others.

At the same time, some fans are worried that Ed is using his stay in therapy as a smokescreen to free himself from past offenses.

Big Ed Brown and Liz Marie

“I was not a good person,” Ed admitted, repeating a sentiment from millions of viewers.

Similarly, he added, “I was not a good boyfriend.”

While that was true with Rosemarie Vega (and let’s face it, probably other matters), Ed specifically referred to his mistakes with Liz.

Big Ed Brown speaks to The Single Life Confessional Camera

“I did not treat Liz the way she deserved to be treated,” Ed said precisely.

“I was not a good listener,” he added.

“It was all about me,” Ed stressed. “I was so engrossed in it [myself]. “

90 Day Bares All - Liz Woods gets dumped via sms 01

For her own side of things, Liz Woods was having a hard time after her ugly breakup with Ed.

“I struggled a lot when we broke up,” she said earlier in the week.

“I was going through a really bad stage of depression,” Liz said in detail.

Big Ed Brown drinks in his cloak

Liz revealed Ed’s rotten behavior at season 1 Tell All and on social media.

Somehow, after Tell All, Ed was able to persuade her to a “reunion” in a hotel room.

But after he broke up with her again … via text message. A cruel, twisted thing to do to someone.

Liz on a first date

What apparently lured Liz back into Ed’s life against her better knowledge was the tragic death of his dog.

She reached out to him, as many exes could.

They started talking – over email, of all things – and slowly reconnecting.

Ed Brown for 90 Day Fiance: The Single Life

That reconnection turned into a reconciliation and renewed relationship.

Overnight it was to get back together for an engagement.

It was literally overnight – they reunited on Saturday and got engaged on Sunday.

90 Day Bares All - Liz Woods gets dumped via sms 02

Single life Season 2, which premiered on Discovery Plus on Friday, November 12, will apparently show this reconciliation.

But first, it will show Ed’s return to the dating scene, as he initially tries to move on from Liz.

We do not know everything that will go down (there is, at some point, an apparent shooting), but it will definitely get messy. Can Ed really change?

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