Black Panther’s New Armor Can Bring Back Wolverine’s Kryptonite

The Vibranium Man, a mixture of Black Panther and Iron Man, may be forced to use one of the only substances that can harm Wolverine in his armor.

A new version of Black Panther featured in the upcoming issues of Avengers Forever # 6 might potentially reintroduce the one metal that can kill Wolverine in Marvel Comics. Wolverine has one of the strongest healing factors in the Marvel Universe, but there is a form of vibranium that can actually cause him major harm. And this new version of Black Panther might have a great reason to use it.

Vibranium is one of the most valuable metals in the world of Marvel. The most common type of it is Vibranium A, which is found almost exclusively in Wakanda. This is the vibranium that the Black Panther of Earth-616 uses in his armor and that Captain America uses in his shield. Vibranium A has the ability to absorb vibrations and kinetic energy, which has a myriad of practical uses. The other main type of vibranium is Antarctic Vibranium, which is found exclusively in the Savage Land. Unlike Wakandan Vibranium, Antarctic Vibranium emits vibrations instead of absorbing them. These vibrations can weaken the atomic bonds of other metals, causing them to melt. This makes it very dangerous for humans to be exposed to as it can melt the iron in red blood cells. It can even melt adamantium, which is bad news for someone with adamantium bones like Wolverine. While Antarctic Vibranium does not appear that often anymore, a new character may bring the metal back into the forefront.


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The description of the unreleased Avengers Forever # 6 on the League of Comic Book Geeks website introduces a new version of Iron Man and Black Panther named Vibranium Man. Vibranium Man is an alternate version of T’Challa from a world ruled by King Killmonger, a version of the Black Panther villain who wears the Asgardian Destroyer armor. Over the course of his rule King Killmonger has destroyed both the Asgard and Wakanda of his world, which presents a major potential problem for Vibranium Man. Avengers Forever # 6 is written by Jason Aaron, with art by Jim Towe and cover art by Aaron Kuder.

If Wakanda has been destroyed, it could be hard for T’Challa to find access to enough Vibranium A to make his Vibranium Man armor. However, he could more easily find a source of Antarctic Vibranium to use, as it is unlikely that Killmonger took the time to destroy the Savage Land in his rise to power. If T’Challa does use this form of vibranium in his armor, then it could give him very different abilities than he normally has. Its ability to melt any metal it comes into contact with would be perfect for fighting against King Killmonger’s Destroyer Armor. In addition, its toxic effect on humans could cause his punches to pack an additional kick.

It would be really cool to see Vibranium Man differentiate himself from the mainstream Black Panther even more by using this different type of vibranium. In doing so, he would become a lot more interesting than just a version of T’Challa with an Iron Man suit. It would be a great opportunity for Marvel to both create an iconic new Black Panther and reintroduce this more obscure version of vibranium into its comics.

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Source: League of Comic Book Geeks

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