3 reasons Seniors also need a budget

Budgeting is important in your senior years. But once you retire, you are not loose.

You often hear that it is important to follow a budget. Without one, you can easily lose track of your expenses and gain debt. You may also lack financial goals such as buying a home or building a retirement egg.

But just as it is important to budget in your working years, people should also follow this rule when they stop working. Here’s why it’s important for retirees to stick to a budget as well.

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Income is limited

Some people retire with a lot of money in a retirement plan, but many seniors live primarily on social security, which does not pay as generously as one might think. Because so many seniors are limited to a modest income, it is important to stretch that money as far as possible. And following a budget is a great way to make it happen.

Expenditure may change during retirement

When you work, your cost of living can change. Your housing payments may increase if you move to a larger home, and your bills may go down if you pay for your car. In the same way, seniors’ living costs can also change for better or worse. But in the latter situation, budgeting becomes all the more crucial.

3. Seniors cannot afford to land in debt

It is not ideal to take on debt in your 20s or 30s, but at least at that point you have many years to pay it off. But seniors who go into debt in the 70s or 80s risk taking it with them to the end of life.

You might be thinking, “Who cares about debt when you no longer roam the earth?” But for seniors who want to leave a legacy, debt is not helpful. Creditors can go after a deceased person’s property to cover unpaid debts.

Say you are a senior who wants to leave a paid home for a grandchild. If you walk away with a massive unpaid credit card tab, your card issuer may seek the money from your property, and that may be the only way your heirs can get the cash from selling the home you would forward. Following a budget can make it easier to avoid debt in the first place.

The easiest way to budget

There are many budgeting apps that make it easy to track expenses. But seniors may find them overwhelming. If so, there is nothing wrong with a paper and pencil budget. As long as the numbers are correct, there is no need to use smart tools to create and maintain a budget. At the end of the day, budgeting is about paying attention to spending, and it does not matter how it is done as long as it becomes a priority.

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