Build the tallest house before the big bad pig destroys it in THE THREE LIDGE WOLVES – GeekTyrant

Gather your family and get ready to build the tallest house you can think of The three little wolves. This new card game is designed by Poki Chen and Smook Chen and will be released by Renegade Game Studios and Oni Press in October. 2-4 players play a family of wolves competing to build the tallest houses before Big Bad Pig comes in and breaks everything down. The game is designed for everyone aged 8 years and over and should not take more than 20 minutes to play.

You play as a family of wolves with the aim of building one to three of the tallest houses in the city by adding additional floors and basement levels. During your turn, you can play a card to increase the size of one of your houses or discard a card to send one of your wolf badges to hide in another player’s house. Finding the right time to send your wolves out is key. Too early and you risk putting your faith in the wrong building. Too late and you can find all the tall houses that other wolves claim! At the end of the game, the pigs break down the smallest house in each color and you lose points for any wolves inside.

This looks like a great family game to play with kids. The art is also a lot of fun. The three little wolves is ready for release in October with pre-orders now live from Renegade with an MSRP of $ 21.99.

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