I’m Both Dizzy and Sore Just Watching Diver Krysta Palmer Crush Her Olympic Workout

How to do it exactly? professional divers train to fold their bodies up like a human lawn chair while flipping through the air and crashing into the water below? Krysta Palmer can give you an idea. The 29-year-old gymnast-turned-diver just shared a behind-the-scenes look at the training she has done between the Olympic events in Tokyo, and the phrase “beast condition” has never been more applicable.

In a video posted on Instagram Tuesday, Palmer crushes eight hanging legs raise while grabbing wooden beams with nary a flinch or grimace in sight. They are not just anyone Ol ‘hanging legs rise though – her legs remain completely pin-straight as she lifts her feet all the way up to her hands and her knees almost touch her nose under each rope. I mean, sheesh, the idea of ​​performing the movement only once, let alone eight times, has my core begs for mercy, but alas, that’s why Palmer is an Olympian, and I’m simply writing about Olympians from my couch. After working her abdominal muscles, Palmer casually diverts seven backflips on a mat in quick, dizzying order. She rightly wrote the caption for the post: “Nothing like days when you’re at the Olympics.”

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Palmer made her Olympic debut earlier this week as she and teammate Alison Gibson competed in 3-meter synchronized springboard diving. They ended up placing last out of eight duos, but this is not the last time we see Palmer in action in Tokyo. She is also set to take part in the individual 3 meter springboard diving competition on Thursday, making her the first woman in springboard-diving history to fight in both the synchronized and individual events at a single Olympic Games. How cool is that ?! We can not wait to see the fruits of her intense training play out.

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