Linda Blair has not discussed appearing in new trilogy yet

There had been rumbling that Morgan Creek Entertainment sought to return to the world of THE DEVIL EXPORTER, but I doubt many fans expected the project to expand into a full-blown trilogy, much less that original star Ellen Burstyn would reputation her Oscar-nominated role Chris MacNeil. Halloween Director David Gordon Green will help this new one Exorcist trilogy, and although it’s still in its early stages, fans are already wondering if Linda Blair will be back as Regan MacNeil.

Well, Linda Blair took to Twitter to inform fans that she has so far had no discussions about returning to The exorcist franchise.

Linda Blair told later New York Post that even though she has not had any discussions about returning to the new Exorcist trilogy, she was aware of the project when the producers had reached out before the announcement to tell her. “They were polite enough to call,“Blair explained.”We talked about how amazing Ellen Burstyn is, and that was as far as the conversation went. I have no idea what the project is about and I have not been involved in a conversation about participation. It was just letting me know they were going to make the movie.“With three new ones Exorcist movies on the way, it’s hard to imagine Linda Blair does not appears at some point; of course, it depends on whether she wants to at all. While I still doubt these new films could hope to live up to the original, I’m cautiously optimistic based on what David Gordon Green has been able to do with Halloween franchise.

Speaking of which Halloween, the next film in the franchise – Halloween kills is set to debut at the Venice International Film Festival on September 8, 2021, before they hit the theaters October 15, 2021.

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