Fake prescriptions used in Butler County and across the state

She refused to fill them and the woman went without quarreling. Walmart was able to provide video of the female described at 5′5 ″, thin, blond hair and a large tattoo on her left arm. She appeared to be in her late 30s or early 40s.

Walmart did not immediately report the incident, but did so after Walgreens called to warn them of the false prescriptions.

Another officer was sent to Kroger at 18.45 for yet another review of fake scripts, but they had been filled and the woman had left the store. The pharmacist did not recognize the false nature of the prescriptions. They were made aware of it by calls from Walgreens and Walmart and made police reports.

The woman used a number of aliases at the various pharmacies. The officer called the medical center and found that such several trials had taken place in several places throughout the state.

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