Marvel’s Avengers Black Panther can absorb damage, just like the movie

Marvel’s Avengersversion of Black Panther is impenetrable to most attacks, and it makes him as kinetic to play as his MCU counterpart is to see.

The first extension to Marvel‘s Avengers, War for Wakanda, hit the game earlier this week, adding the Black Panther to the list of playable heroes. With the roster of up to nine Avengers, makes the heroes stand out is the key to the game’s success. But Black Panther has some defensive abilities that make him a party to play.

There are three different variants of enemy attacks in Marvel’s Avengers: light attacks, strong attacks and blockable blocks. In case of strong attacks, players must either time a pairing to avoid injury or dodge the road. And as you might expect, blockages that can be blocked live up to their name. All Avengers can block the light attacks, and some heroes like Captain America even get significant bonuses for doing so, but the Black Panther can ignore them completely.

Each hero has an inherent energy bar that allows for special abilities. Heroes like Iron Man use their bar as fuel for various missiles, but T’Challa just needs to hold down his Intrinsic button to block all incoming light attacks. For every attack that the Black Panther absorbs, his Intrinsic bar grows. The fuller his bar is, the more Black Panther can bowl that stored damage back to his enemies in the form of powerful attacks.

In the movie, Black Panther seems almost invincible in his suit – so much so that T’Challa only seems to get hurt when his suit works or he just doesn’t wear it. Trying to translate it into a video game where the Black Panther is still able to lose a meeting and stay in line with the strength of its other Avengers is no small task, but Crystal Dynamics managed to make it work.

When I’m surrounded by weak enemies, I need everything I need to do to be safe, as the Black Panther holds in my controller’s right trigger and I just absorb all the damage that comes my way. I can run up to towers that fire lasers and just hold the trigger down, immediately fill my energy bar and walk away without a scratch. It is not unbalanced as I lose all my inherent energy if I try to block a strong or non-blockable attack but help amplify that Black Panther fantasy.

Marvel’s Avengers have a wide range of problems, and War for Wakanda certainly does not fix them all. But Crystal Dynamics has always done an excellent job of making me feel like I am Thor or Iron Man and showing me how these heroes differ from each other. Kinetic absorption was not a Black Panther effect I had expected Marvel’s Avengers‘version of T’Challa, but it works so well that I can not imagine playing him without it.

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