Videos allegedly show the Taliban executing Afghan police chief

Disturbing footage of an Afghan police chief being executed by the Taliban has emerged after he surrendered to the militants, according to reports.

Former BBC journalist Nasrin Nawa posted the gruesome video that appears to show Haji Mullah Achakzai, police chief in Badghis province near Herat.

The man is seen in the clip blindfolded and kneeling before several bullets ring out and his lifeless body flops on the ground.

The Taliban allegedly searched for Haji Mullah Achakzai and arrested him as they made their way to the capital, Kabul.

“This is their public amnesty,” Nawa wroteciting the Taliban’s statement this week among the rebels attempts to present a moderate face after sweeping to power.

The police chief was allegedly arrested by the Taliban during their flash across the country on their way to the capital, Kabul, where they overthrew the government on Sunday.

The group shared the disturbing clip through a Taliban-related network, Afghan security adviser Nasser Waziri told Newsweek, added that the footage was verified by other police officers and officials.

The Taliban had been looking for Achakzai after he fought with the extremists along with the Afghan government, according to the magazine.

“He was surrounded by the Taliban and had no choice but to surrender last night,” Waziri, who also posted the clip, told Newsweek. “The Taliban targeted Achakzai because he was a senior intelligence official.”

Waziri said he and other senior advisers have set up a private group chat online with dozens of Afghan officials who used to work with the civilian government to check where each person is and ensure they are safe.

One of Waziri’s friends, a district governor, has been hiding in Kabul when the Taliban recently visited some of his relatives in Nurstin province, Newsweek reported.

A Taliban fighter stands guard along a road near the site of an Ashura procession held to mark the death of Imam Hussein.
The Taliban said earlier that they would not adopt revenge or retaliation against former enemies after their takeover of Afghanistan.
AREF KARIMI / AFP via Getty Images

“The [the Taliban] took the family out of their house and beat them so they could provide information about what city he might be, ”Waziri told the outlet.

The Taliban have claimed that there would be no revenge or revenge against former enemies after their takeover of the war-torn country.

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