Kimye liver ????? !!!!

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I do not know why you, the readers of Jezebel dot com, love to read about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West so much (every comment field on every blog about them is like “mmmmm yes could I please get one (1) more of this?” and “love it when Jez covers Kimye, personally), but here you are! “According to popular demand, ” she wrote in hope that it was intended irony ville encounter quite legible.

Anyway, Kim and Kanye may not be over! At least that is it TMZ say. A source told the outlet that the two “working to rebuild the foundation of their relationship.” So I think that means their whole wedding dress -stunt lately Donda listening party was perhaps not fully a stunt? I mean, besides the way that literally everything Kim and Kanye do is a stunt.

  • Speaking of the above Donda listener party it looks like Kim’s advertising team is in full swing damage control condition, tells every tabloid who will listen that she completely would not have shown if she had known regret homophobic DaBaby and alleged serial abuser Marilyn Manson should also be there.[[[[People]
  • Some unnamed insider says so Rihanna and And $ AP Rocky is “so madly in love” and that “there is a lot of buzz in their circle that a commitment is on the way.” Could it also be soon? But maybe it’s never either ?? “They see each other as life partners,” continues the source. “They do not need a piece of paper to be happy, but Ri is a true romantic, and her friends and family – especially her mother – would love to see her married.”[[[[Us weekly]
  • Now I’m not saying that Rihanna’s mother, Monica Braithwaite, convened Us weekly while pretending be some anonymous insider in order that further mother-fault her unmarried daughter to finally be hitched. I’m just suggesting its option, perhaps. Either way, shout out to mothers![[[[Mothers enthusiastically quarterly]
  • JoJo Siwa want to play Lady Gaga in a cinema one day. I think I speak for all when I quote the legendary, Oscar-winning Mo’Nique and say: I want to see it.[[[[Variety]
  • Harvard is “educationally offensive”, say Teen mor alun Farrah Abraham |. [[[[Page six]
  • James Corden, Camila Cabello, Billy Porter, and Idina Menzel made a flashmob in the middle of Los Angeles traffic to Jennifer Lopezis “Get high.“What are my rights?[[[[The independent]
  • Said flashmob tuned to the song from Destruction, courtesy of New York Times reporter Kyle Buchanan:

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