Marvel Future Revolution for Android Review: A fun, buggy F2P game

Marvel Future Revolution HeroSource: Netmarble

Marvel Future Revolution is a mobile RPG game in the Marvel world, after several Earths fused together during an event called The Convergence. Now Primary Earth is trying to hold together thanks to the fact that humans in multiple worlds now have to share a single one, along with all the villains who are now all in one place. They have set up a task force called Omega Flight, of which the player is a member, whose task is to deal with the threats to the world.

You play as a handful of Marvel’s heavy hitters, including Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel and Black Widow. I spent most of my early missions playing as Doctor Strange. Each character has a separate mission chain and players can play them all. I admit that my first thought was about how much of a logistical nightmare this would have been, and how happy I am that my character is performing the punching and not the papers. My second thought was about how surprisingly fun the game is, minus some of the usual pitfalls on mobile like microtransactions.

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Marvel Future Revolution Cover

Marvel Future Revolution

Bottom line: If you’m a fan of Marvel, you’ll probably get a kick out of getting a chance to play some of the most iconic characters, and the combat and missions are entertaining. It is not without its flaws, as microtransactions are one of them.

The good

  • The game looks great, especially for a mobile title
  • There are plenty of good customization options for characters
  • The gameplay and gameplay are fun and easy to pick up

The bad one

  • There are lots of microtransactions and reminders that they exist
  • Especially sound design and voice acting are hit-or-miss
  • Text and icons on the screen can be difficult to see

Marvel Future Revolution: The good stuff

Mfr Black Widow

Source: Android Central

First of all, the game looks great, especially considering the platforms it is made for. It looks almost as good as Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers title for console and PC, and what drops were in quality were usually small questions about texture pop-in or drawing distance. The characters look good and the pre-rendered cutscenes are well animated.

Category Marvel Future Revolution
Title Marvel Future Revolution
Developer Netmarble games
Publisher Netmarble games
Genre Action RPG
Minimum requirements Android 6.0
Game size 1.6G
Players Single / multiplayer
Launch price For free

The game also has a decent number of characters, though not all of their abilities feel that different from each other mechanically. Each one has a basic attack, some special abilities, a quantity control ability and an ultimate that pretty much flattens everyone in the room. It’s not complicated, and you actually don’t have to think much about the fight if you don’t want to.

The game looks great … almost as good as Marvel’s Avengers for console and PC.

The game is technically open world, but I would not give the impression that you are going to have a giant sandbox to play around in, like a LEGO Marvel game. Instead, you have several specific areas where you can go on missions within a relatively small area. It sounds limiting, but I honestly found it a bit of a relief that I did not have to spend several minutes walking from one end of the map to the other.

Mfr Grade adaptation

Source: Android Central

And in case you ever feel like you’re tapping too much on the screen, you’re able to get your character to automatically move around the map for mission goals. I enjoyed it because I’m lazy, especially when a game asks me to paint, so I appreciated the convenience. Of course, this does not work with all of the game’s modes or its boss battles, but it’s still useful.

One last thing I liked: The cosmetics in the game let you decorate your heroes with several different costumes. You can choose from several costume pieces, some of them cartoon-based and some originals in different colors. The adaptation was one of the things that developer Netmarble announced before the game’s release, and playing costume with Marvel superheroes doesn’t sound like it’s going to be fun or something a worthy player should spend a lot of time on, but it is and I did, and I have no regrets.

Marvel Future Revolution: The not so good stuff

Mfr Microtransactions

Source: Android Central

I like this game, but it’s not without its flaws, some of which may be dealbreakers. To begin with, I must note that this game really wants you to pay money for goods. There are a number of options in the game for microtransactions, from cosmetic tools to boosters to currency. It’s a bit ridiculous, even by mobile gaming standards, and it would be seriously discouraging if microtransactions are not your thing.

This is going to sound like a petty complaint considering it’s a mobile title, but the voice acting is not quite on par, especially considering that my ears spotted some very good voice actors in the mix (I’m pretty sure it is Yuri Lowenthal, who plays Spider-Man again, and let me make it clear that he is one of the exceptions). Some characters sound like they are shouting during a normal conversation, and others just do not sound very interested in what they are saying if it makes sense.

I must note that this game really wants you to pay money for goods.

This would not be such a big deal if it were not for the fact that the sound is messy in general. Characters’ voices are cut out when they speak, and both the music and voice lines randomly fall in and out. I think part of the problem is that once you set the characters’ dialog to autoplay, their dialogue runs into the next line before the spoken line can catch up, but I have no explanation for the silence.

There are also times when both the text and the icons on the screen are a bit on the narrow side. For the most part, the text is readable, and I had no problem following the story or the missions, but sometimes got things like. The friends list on the screen or the names of other players hovering over my head, me to squint. As another example, the menu that shows you your active quests is a very small crosshair icon at the top right of the screen. I was told I could not take more missions and I spent several minutes trying to access my list and found it more or less by accident.

Finally is the game does not have controller support, apart from basic character movement. While the touch screen controls work fine, an action RPG is something that can only be improved with one controller, and unfortunately even best mobile controllers will not be very useful.

Marvel Future Revolution: Are you going to play it?

Mfr Captain America

Source: Android Central

out of 5

This is not a game that will be everyone’s cup of tea, given the F2P mechanics and how repetitive it can be. However, I found the F2P mechanics pretty harmless, and I like the characters enough to keep playing. The game has a decent amount of content with the promise of more, and it has an interesting setup for future stories.

If you are interested in Marvel heroes and would like to play with some of your favorite characters and do not mind laughing, this is a fun game to play. But if you prefer something a little less about grinding and microtransactions – or if you’re not a Marvel fan – you’re probably better off giving it a pass.

Marvel Future Revolution Cover

Marvel Future Revolution

Bottom line: This is a fun mobile title, especially if you like Marvel heroes. It has a comfortable combat system and the ability to customize characters, but the F2P mechanics can be hard to ignore.

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