Love Square! Carly finds herself in the middle of three guys … A little

Carly is now in the middle of a complicated love affair.

No one wants to stumble across their ex in the middle of a ruined island. Is a place of love also a thing? Well, it iCarly revival finale has given us both of these things. Oh. Nothing awkward about that, right? That’s what the episode needed to create what’s to come next season. Will Creddie finally happen? We did a theory post a while ago about this.

Between Beau and Wes fighting for her, Carly seems to realize that there is another guy who is better for her; Freddie. While the section does not examine Creddie too closely, it does make some subtle tips. We let the Creddie ship page on the iCarly Fandom website explain.

We noticed that Carly only thanks Spencer when she gets her fake price, which was awkward to watch. Although he seemed to enjoy it. Anyway, Freddie looks like he wants to say something, but chooses not to. We hope this plays into the premiere for next season because it’s dramatic and fun to witness.

When Beau arrives in the first episode, something gave us the mood of gravity for reasons foreign to ourselves. Meanwhile, he gave us a sense that he saw himself more accomplished than Carly. Ahh, the Webicon award was to be issued to her and not him. He told the iCarly gang that he was the most famous person there.

Let’s not forget that iCarly was the only web show back then.

Poor Freddie never had a chance

When it comes to our beloved Freddie, he has never been good with love, as evidenced by his two divorces. However, he and Carly have remained close throughout. Carly has even tolerated Millicent and gets to see her as part of the group. Wherever she goes, her father does.

Carly has always supported Freddie in her role as a single parent. She is also the first person to speak to Millicent as her daughter rather than her stepdaughter.

Freddie, meanwhile, has always supported Carly in everything she has done. But when it comes to the pair again being a couple after all these years, he never had a chance against Beau and Wes. Maybe that’s why Benson chose not to say no. Although he might want to if one of them was out of the picture.

Of the three of them, Freddie has more in common with Carly. He understands how she works, while Beau and Wes assume they do. They also do not have the same level of connection with her.

Freddie said earlier in the season about his appointments with sex worker ‘Ramona’ that there was no spark. However, there is a glimpse between him and Carly, and it shows if one is aware of the signs.

Back to Carly

To conclude this post, we wanted to explore how Carly could have it. She has always gone to Freddie for help with her show because she trusts him. In the episode ‘iTake A Girls’ Trip’, however, there is nervousness when the song about sex plays. We got sexual chemistry vibes throughout the event.

Carly has always put her heart out there, and so has Freddie. Watch what happened when Beau dumped her on the livestream in the premiere. Who stopped the feed? Freddie, oh, and Spencer. Let’s not forget what happened at Nevel’s wedding in ‘iRobot Wedding’. Benson was the one who went to the bridal suite to make sure she was not doing anything stupid.

While this was not Carly’s saving grace when Nevel tried to marry her instead of Prunella, Freddie tried to warn her not to make a scene in advance. In the end, however, the former site critic succeeded in marrying the apparent robot.

In addition, Millicent is trying to protect her father from heartache, knowing that he met her mother at a wedding. In the wake of the drama, she gives Freddie her blessing for him to dance with Carly.

If Creddie happens next season, will Carly be ready to accept her role as Millicent’s potential stepmother?

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