Nick Arneson unveils his new single “Naturally”

Nick Arneson is a guy who likes to keep busy. As the father of two children, he somehow manages to juggle family life with his music career, and never sitting or sitting still has played a major role in giving him inspiration for his songs, including the new single “Naturally”, which PopWrapped is looking forward to premiere.

Lyrically, he is a songwriter whose music at first listening may seem and sound like your average run of the mill rock number, but it is when you dig deeper and REALLY listen to what he expresses that the real meanings begin to shine through. “When I first started, I was embarrassed to talk about the meaning of my songs, even though that changed as I got to putting more music into the world,” he admits. Nor is he afraid to admit that many of his songs deal with his own self-loathing nature and his life in general, adding: “Shit becomes pretty real when you juggle so much.”

Nick refers to “Natural” as: probably the darkest song on what will most likely call a dark album. It winds between a very specific short, warm and bummer of a relationship to the broader idea of ​​whether a relationship is ever possible again after certain epic devastating events. How many chances do we get to get it right? Are we running out? I do not hope. In many of my songs, I also like to switch you and I around, so be careful where you assign values. ”

The album he is referring to is ‘Sunshine Guaranteed’, which will be released on October 8thth, and as he says about: “Is it an optimistic album? Yes. Was it created in a time of impossible unrest? Yes. Was it made through one of the most transformative times of my life? Also yes. ” He asked himself many questions as he wrote songs for the LP, reflecting on events and moments in his life that have influenced and continue to affect him in some way.. “Divorce after a 20-year relationship, parenthood and survival through the pandemic, the turmoil of a world in constant change and collapse,” he adds. “Micro- and macro-existential fear combined with freedom and blue skies by being single for the first time in two decades …”

Give “Natural” a listen below and for more information on Nick Arneson, visit his website, like his Facebook page or follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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