Padma Lakshmi celebrates turning 51 with a great selfie

Padma Lakshmi proves once again that her beauty is timeless.

On Thursday, the model, the author and Top cook host posted an amazing selfie that gave fans a closer look at the star’s flawless skin.

“This is 51,” she wrote under the text.

Famous friends and fans flooded the comments with birthday wishes and to share their awe for her effortless beauty.

“Happy birthday,” Andrew Zimmern said.

“Happy birthday !!! 51 never looked so hot !!” wrote a fan.

“It only gets better,” someone added.

“An absolute goddess of epic proportions. Happy birthday, beautiful!” Another person continued.

While she continues to dazzle her more than 1 million followers with her breathtaking photos, Lakshmi has made it clear that her most important title has been the mother of 11-year-old Krishna, who is featured on her social media. In a recent interview with Yahoo Life, the mother of one admitted that she tried to protect her daughter’s identity but eventually found it impossible, so has given her followers a look into her family life through adorable photos.

“It’s a battle between being authentic and genuine and true online, to also save some space for myself being private,” she admitted. “So much of our lives are lived online now. So it’s hard to know exactly where that limit is, and sometimes that limit moves from week to week. So I still try and have her not everywhere on my Instagram, but honestly I’m a mother is the most important, satisfying and time consuming job I have, so if I were to give you a real snapshot of my life, it would be necessary to include my time with my daughter, because that’s what I use. most of my life doing … … I want to experience life with her, whether it’s going to Paris or going to the green market up the street, it’s the same, it’s just a part of life. There’s no way I could take her out of my life and give you any true, accurate portrait of what it’s like to be me. “

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