Scarecrow sends Gotham to hell in Batman: Fear State

“This is not an attack on Batman. This is an attack on Gotham City. ”

These words come from no less a source than the author James Tynion IV, who together with superstar artists like Jorge Jiménez has reinvented the most important Batman series since the beginning of 2020. This fall, threads are building up throughout Tynion’s run – along with the dystopian Gotham City glimpsed earlier this year in Future condition– get to your head in “Fear State”, a massive event unfolding Batman, Detective Comics, Nightwing, Catwoman, Harley Quinn, I’m Batman and more, as well as more one-shot specials and new titles spinning out of the event.

This year in Batman, Scarecrow has planned the mysterious billionaire Simon Saint, who wants to bring his master’s program to Gotham. (That’s right. The same one that made all masked crime illegal in the potential future Future State: The Next Batman.) Saint tries to manipulate Mayor Christopher Nakano to approve his squadron of peacekeepers to fight super-villains brutally, while Scarecrow has his own motives.

“Scarecrow believes that through fear, Gotham City can evolve into something more than it is,” Tynion said. “There is a part of him who wants Batman to accept this nuclear mission. Scarecrow has suggested that Batman faced a great deal of fear and evolved because of it. He says, ‘I will do to Gotham City what Gotham City did to you.’ He says to Batman: ‘Stand back, let it happen. The world is getting better at it. ‘Batman disagrees. ”

If this sounds like a more effective and ambitious scarecrow than you’ve ever seen before … it is.

“Scarecrow is a character that I have long felt deserves a real A-list Batman story,” Tynion detailed. “He’s such a fascinating character, and he cuts right into the heart of what Bruce is and Bruce’s relationship to fear – and overcomes fear.”

During “Fear State”, the main story, which focuses on the rise of Magistrate and Scarecrow’s machinations, will play out in Batman, Detective Comics and one-shots as Batman Secret Files: Miracle Mollystarring in the breakout character of the transhumanist gang Unsanity Collective.

IN Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Batman Secret Files: The Gardener, Poison Ivy’s key role in “Fear State” will come into focus. As revealed back in Batman # 109, she … not quite herself. Ivy grows a thick jungle under Gotham that puts the entire city in danger, but Harley is determined to restore her memory and save the day.

If that’s not enough chaos, there’s also someone spreading deliberate misinformation among the Bat family — let’s call her “Anti-Oracle” – as you can see on the pages of Nightwing. And over in I’m Batman, The Dark Knight of Future State-Tim “Jace” Fox-embraces his destiny to combat street-level violence provoked by Anti-Oracle.

“I wanted to make a massive attack on Gotham City, organized by Scarecrow, where he does not use a single drop of fear toxin on the people of Gotham City,” Tynion said. “We see how he manipulates the media, how he manipulates the magistrate, how he manipulates Batman, the Unsanity Collective – he takes all these pieces and puts them together to make the people of Gotham City more scared than they have ever been. ”

These are scary things, so you’re better prepared. Read on for more details on how “Fear State” explodes over Gotham City starting this week Batman: Fear State: Alpha # 1 and culminated in December Batman: Fear State: Omega # 1.


“I have always been fascinated by geographical, cultural and class divisions within cities. We describe places and people as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Alleytown is a ‘bad’ place that is becoming very important for the events taking place in ‘Fear State’. And that very well reflects Catwoman, who defies all the labels that have been put on her over the years. ”- Ram V

Detective Comics

“For me, digging into different levels of fear is a huge part of the job in this world. For this story we go deep and eerie. We take Batman and Nakano to a place that falls apart and lined with rows of tiny sharp teeth. ”- Mariko Tamaki

Harley Quinn

” Fear State ‘gives Harley a chance to take a giant step forward and prove herself as a hero despite many believing she will fail. It’s hard to be a hero when so much is piled up against you, but we’ll see how Harley rises to the occasion in its very own Harley way and revives some old relationships with familiar faces along the way … “- Stephanie Phillips

I’m Batman

Jace begins his adventures in the heart of ‘Fear State’, which is going to be the comic event this fall. And next year, we have another surprise that will change the Fox family – and perhaps the DC universe – forever. ”- John Ridley


“With the magistrate on the streets and in the air, Gotham is on the edge of a knife, and there are no shadows that Nightwing can operate in anymore. Dynamic Duo will fight side by side again as Batman and Nightwing. And Nightwing and Oracle will partner with other members of the bat family to fight back control of Gotham from the mysterious Anti-Oracle. ”-Tom Taylor

Batman: Fear State: Alpha # 1 by James Tynion IV, Riccardo Federici, Chris Sotomayor and Clayton Cowles is on sale tomorrow in print and as a digital cartoon. Click here to see an exclusive first look at the cartoon.


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